I can almost comfortably call myself a game designer 🤓Yes I'm an artistic nerd ….

I can almost conveniently call myself a game designer 🤓Yes I'm an artistic nerd … thanks to the @enterafricanrb project I'm part of organized by @goethe_kenya Nairobi the game will be launched sometime this year. And I will definitely share the details here.

I got a glimpse of the power of games right after high school. I had plenty of time at my disposal and my mother's free computer to roam the house.

After a few days of playing with the computer discovered, I discovered a program called Mavis Beacon. I fell in love with the graphics right away and found out that this was an input game.

I had finally landed in my dream program. See that I always admired how people type quickly and accurately without looking at the keyboard🙊🙈 … But I had no idea how I could ever do that.

Mavis Beacon made it possible for me. I would wake up early and eagerly daily to work on my speed and train my mind and fingers on problematic keys from previous lessons.

Long story short, I got to learn to write accurately fast in one and a half months and as a result, I also learned the power of games through my transformed life. As a writer, my typing speed has been very useful.


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