[CONTÉM DIÁLOGO NAS FOTOS] • Arriving at the hospital was excited, though it was …


Getting to the hospital was exciting but it was more encouraging. As the emergency child came from the ambulance, her friend and nurse Megan were already waiting. First, it was difficult for Megan to see her friend in that state and not be able to sketch her feelings.

Megan knew her job was to save her life, so she chose to be a nurse. She fights for every life as if she were her. For this reason, she tried to do everything to reassure Titto, even though she knew how sensitive her friend was …

The Titto, on the other hand, was happy to deliver his loved ones to someone he trusted – for those who didn't know, Megan is one of Brice's best friends – he felt safer and knew that information and bulletins would come with more speed. Despite the support, Titto was still full of fear of losing the woman who turned her head and understanding.

A good sign, however, was that Brice had not been revived at any time. She was a real fighter who didn't want to go to the ring or even life. He had an oxygen bladder because of the various fractures he suffered through his body and suddenly damaged his breathing.

With a trusted nurse, it was now necessary for a doctor who could follow Brice during the operation and knew it already … and the only one who went through everyone's head was Luna … But as Luna would do if there is a doctor With facts that few people know, Luna is also a surgeon.

At the request of Megan and her heart, Titto did not hesitate to call Luna. Now it was minutes or hours to get to know Brice's disease.

While she was the girl with pink hair continued to fight for her life as a true gladiator.

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