The Best Mafia Wars Strategy Guide! How to Grow Your Mafia Family & Win the Game Every Single Time!

Mafia Wars is one of the best and hottest games online now and if you are one of the serious players who wish to dominate the game, make sure you read this Mafia Wars strategy guide now. In this article, I will share with you some of the most amazing tips that will allow you to increase the major pitfalls in the game and grow your mafia family and business at an exponential rate.

Strategy Guide # 1 – Growing the Size of Your Family

One of the most important aspects of the game is the size of your family. This is also one of the hardest parts unless you are very experienced with these online games on the major social networks. Basically, a strong and big family provides you the best benefits that you wish to obtain when playing the game.

It gives you strong backup against rival families and players of the game. Here are a couple of very effective tips that you can use to build your team with strong, capable as well as high level players:

  • Go to the major Mafia Wars websites where players hang out in. Usually there are plenty of people who request you to join their family.
  • Forums with a bunch of mafia players are also some of the best places to get new members into your family.
  • Do not forget about the Fanpages you can find online.

Strategy Guide # 2 – The Godfather Reward Points

Godfather points are extremely useful, but you should use them wisely. Do not use them on trivial and insignificant things like:

  • Money – you can earn more cash by doing jobs quicker.
  • Getting members – the tips provided should help you build a huge family in just a few days.
  • Restoring health – just get your health restored by visiting the hospital.

Use your Godfather points on:

  • Skill points – These are permanent throughout the game. Good for your long term domination of Mafia Wars
  • Crates – For some powerful and rare items, you can only get them this way.
  • Energy – Restore your energy using Godfather points when you already have a high energy capacity. Do not use your points for this purpose when you have low max energy points.

Strategy Guide # 3 – How to Create a Powerful Cash Generating Machine

Creating a strong cash flow for your Mafia family is also very important in both the short and long run. In order to advance through different levels of jobs, you will have to have expensive items such as cars and powerful weapons. A strong cash flow provides a guaranteed upkeep for these items. The money is also good for buying items and gifts that you can gift to your weaker, newer members. This will also boost your family's general strength in all areas.

So how do you make lots of cash on Mafia Wars? In the initial stage, you need to do some jobs obviously. When you build up the size of your family, and have about $ 15,000 cash on hand, go to the properties and buy a lot of abandoned land and Mafia Mike's bar. As your family grows bigger, invest most of your money in Mafia Mike's bars and before you know it, you will already be making millions of dollars everyday.

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