Space Strike – Space Shooter Arcade Game

Get your helmet and prepare your space ship, you are about to accept a very important mission. A mission to help protect the human kind from on coming aliens that wish to destroy the world as we know it. The year is 2307 and you are about to take the role of a spaceship pilot.

Space shooter games have been popular for many years and this game has brought this genre into a new era. Featuring new up to date 3d graphics, although still set in the popular top down view. The general concept of the game is that a army of aliens are coming to earth and you must control your spaceship to stop them before they kill you and destroy man kind.

Venture through the 20 challenging missions as you venture through 5 different landscapes. As you do progress through the game you get to defend yourself against many different alien types such as alien ships and even tanks. As you do progress through the different missions the aliens do become more dangerous and take a lot more work to defeat them.

All is not lost, as you do progress from mission to mission more and more weapons and power ups do become available. You start of with impluse guns but you can soon get lasers, missiles and much more. Find power ups to increase your health and your score!

This game does feature many different features such as;

* 20 missions long challenging missions that do increase in difficulty as you progress through them

* 5 landscapes for you to travel through and protect agreements aliens.

My views on this game is that it is fun and enjoyable and really brings a classic arcade game back into the world of PC Gaming, I really liked the ability of finding new weapons to use against the oncoming alien threat. With many space shooters the attacking force is generally just other spaceships, this game is different. Space Strike does also feature ground opponents as well such tanks and even buildings that can take a lot of time to kill but they provide even larger bonuses and power ups.

If you like space shooters and find them enjoyable then this is perfect for you as it will bring you maintained entertainment for hours and hours.

Can you protect the world from the oncoming alien threat?

Source by Oliver S

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