Puzzle Games for Developing Analytical Power of Brain

Puzzle games are fun for those who love to face and deal with virtual brain teasers. These games have become popular among growing kids, youngsters and even amongst old folks. Paying with brain teasing games develops our intelligence and imagination power. Most games like these involve solving riddles and completing constructions in a right way. Playing such games produces thrill and develops the analytical power of players. Puzzle games have been reputed to make the brain of players very active. Many versions and variants of these video games are available. These can be played easily after understanding their guidelines. Here are some popular forms of popular brain teasers.

1) Sudoku: It is the most popular game involving finding solutions to puzzles. It was popular in Japan, the name of this game means number puzzle board in English. This game used to be published in European newspapers in 19th century. Readers took great delight in solving its puzzles. Players have to enter certain numerical digits from 1 to 9. These numeric values ​​should not be repeated again and again in the given columns and rows. Seeing the liking of players for Sudoku all over the world it was introduced as a video game in the market. 4 * 4 and 2 * 2 Sudoku are the easiest forms for playing. They can be played by growing children to attain imaginative and analytical power.

2) Chinese Checkers: These types of puzzle games are involved moving pieces towards the other side of the play board. Players can move constructive pieces in any direction; they can even jump there playing pieces over those belonging to the competitor. Chinese checkers are based on an old puzzle named Halma. It was invented by an American professor Dr. George Howard Monks.

3) Four Colors: This is a brain teaser game in which a player has to color more area than his / her online rival. But a player is not allowed to color the area of ​​his neighbor on the screen, if it already has the same color.

4) Classic Puzzles: These games are the most appealing puzzles. In these games players do not have fear of losing points or losing and online tournament. These puzzle games aim at solving given brain teasers at a fast speed. They are now being designed with attractive and colorful graphics. Many classic puzzles are simple word brain games, they are favorite of those people who love to deal with word puzzles.

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