Play Video Games and Get Paid

I know this sounds crazy but I do it every day. Now I'm talking about being able to play your favorite games like Mario, Halo, Call of Duty, Assassin Creed Brotherhood, Madden, Gears of War or any next gen game and being able to make money. That sounds like a dream come true right?

Well if it was not possible why is the game industry so booming right now? I mean we may be in a recession but the game company profits have only been rising. It's because this is the future of entertainment. Next gen games are the only form of entertainment media where we are actually physically involved. So with all that money and profits on the rise the game companies have jobs and they are hiring. You just have to know where to look. If you do not look than you might as well just keep playing your friends. Now if your serious about making money becoming a video game tester be ready, you do get to pick your games most of the time and usually even get free games. The only drawback I suppose would be repetition. They may have you beat the same game 10 times.

The best type of testing I would have to say would be online multiplayer video games. These are always new and fresh because you're playing with live people. This is also the best field to be a game tester for because you get to hone your skills and become true true top video gamer. Then after you've made your money testing, head to a video game tournament a put your skills to the true test. I've seen Halo tournaments recently with $ 100,000 top prizes that just insane! Now people are taking the step from tester to master. Taking challenges and proving just who the top gamer is.

Source by Richard Haggard III

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