Nanovor Game Online

The new online RPG battle game Nanovor is the hottest thing for young ones today and it is not surprising. I really love the game and the strategy that comes along with every battle. It is very involving, fun, and very challenging. Although Nanovor is not too challenging so as to discourage younger players to give it shot, but challenging enough so as not to get bored quickly and keep even the "young at heart" interested.

Nanovor monsters are quite cool. These little microscopic bug like creatures battle each other. They literally fight to live and live to fight. The energy that they get from wining battles is what keeps them alive. So really by playing the game we are doing them a favor would not you agree?

The animations and effects are also really cool. When you see the enemy nanovor explode into goo and guts before your eyes, it makes all the hard work and strategy worth it. Depending on which monster you use to deliver the final blow, the enemy nanovor will explode, evaporate into dust, be sliced ​​in half, or pretty much any other gross death you can think of.

Evolving your nanovors is also another awesome part of the game. It was very confusing to me at first until I actually listened to the tutorial provided for me when I first logged in. All you have to go is use the energy modules you win through battles in the right order. It takes a little patience and a lot of hard work but once you do finally get the right order, your nanovors are new and improved. You are able to fight fiercer battles and use new strategies to evaporate your enemies.

I can not express how cool Nanovors really is. I was always a fan of Pokémon, which is similar to this game in some ways. Both are card-trading games and each is a turn-based game. Although Nanovor seems to take card-trading games to an entirely new level. You really have to check it out to believe me. Its free, its fun, and you use your thinker, AND you get to see bugs explode. What more could you ask for?

Source by Sebastian Tenier

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