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The great thing about the iPhone is its innovative touch screen. Unlike other handheld gaming devices, the touch screen allows you to play games in a whole new style. Some of Japan's most popular RPG gaming franchises have been released on the iPhone with impressive results.

The Final Fantasy franchise is renowned around the world and is arguably the most popular RPG series of all time. The first three Final Fantasy games have been ported to the iPhone and look as brilliant as their handheld companions. Final Fantasy I and II are exact ports from the PSP versions while Final Fantasy III is a direct port from the Nintendo DS version. Final Fantasy III looks brilliant compared to the Nintendo DS original and its touch screen controls makes battles smoother and faster.

This is because you can use your finger to pick and choose which enemies you want to attack. It's a much better system than using the controller to scroll through the enemies all the time. I've played a ton of turn-based RPG games in my life and there's nothing worse than accidentally choosing the wrong enemy to kill in the heat of battle. In the iPhone versions, you should not encounter such problems as this …

Scrolling through the world maps is also less frustrating. Just put your finger on the corner of the screen and you character will move automatically. The other great thing about the iPhone version of the Final Fantasy games is that they all retain the beautiful cutscenes that the series is famous for.

One of Japan's other most popular RPG franchise is the Monster Hunter series. Unlike with the Final Fantasy games, Monster Hunter titles have no story as it's all about you hunting rare beasts in various exotic locations. The newest Monster Hunter game released is Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting. The touch screen plays a huge role in the game yet it's simple to learn the controls.

Tapping the screen with your finger allows you to attack, while slipping your fingers across the screen allows you to move. Using more than one finger will initiate other controls such as rolling out of danger and blocking. It's a unique approach to the game and RPG fans will love the new way of playing Monster Hunter. Graphically the game is similar to that of the PSP version.

Not all of the iPhone RPG games are 3D powerhouses however. There are a ton of games that gamers from the '90s will appreciate. There are a number of old-school 2D RPG games available that are similar to Nintendo's Zelda games. One of the most popular iPhone RPG games is a game called Across Age. It's got pretty 2D visuals and offers hours of fun.

There are a number of titles available for the iPhone that RPG fans both old and young alike will enjoy playing. Not to mention they're all pretty affordable and can all be easily downloaded from Apple's own app store. The only thing iPhone owners need to check before they purchase these games is if they have enough memory space left to download them. Other than that, it's a pretty easy process.

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