How to Copy Wii Games With Wii Copying Software

Do you want to lose your favorite Wii games? I am sure your answer is a definite no because we both know that these games are not cheap. Now, they are definitely worth every penny because they are great games, but not everyone has the money to be constantly replacing their games. This is where Wii copying software comes into play. You can use Wii copying software to create backup copies of your games. Therefore, if any of your games happen to go missing or get damaged, you will have a copy to turn to so you do not permanently lose that game.

How does the Wii Copying Software Work? What the software does is bypass the protection code that is on most all games these days. This code protects against people who are illegally re-distributing these games. However, software such as "Game Copy Wizard" was created to allow people to legally backup their game collections by burning them. Therefore, even if the original disc is damaged you can still have fun playing these games without having to re-purchase them. But to do this, you have to have the "Game Copy Wizard" software. But do not worry, it's really easy to get access to and simple to download.

Once you get the Wii copying software downloaded, it is really simple. It gives you simple on screen instructions to take action and starting backing up your game collection. Get some blank DVD's and you can get started. It only takes 10-15 minutes per game. Therefore you can download and have your collection backed up in just a few hours. Depending of course on how big your collection is.

Source by Hunter Parrish

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