How to Copy PS3 Games the Easy Way

If you are like me you have probably wondered how to copy Ps3 games. Well I spent hours upon hours surfing the internet trying to find out if there was indeed a way to copy my Ps3 games. You see I have small brothers and sisters who love nothing more than playing on my Ps3. But when it comes to being careful, it's the last thing that think about and it's because of them that I've had 2 perfectly good Ps3 games go to waste. They do not realize the importance of handling the disks carefully because they are easy to damage and they are very easy to scratch.

While the technological advances of the DVD and Blu ray disk are many, the fact that they are still in a disk format is a bit of a downfall. The disks themselves are very easy to damage and when you are paying in excess of $ 100 a game the last thing you want is for the game disks to be damaged.

My solution for this was to find out how to copy Ps3 games so that I could make copies of my game collection and then store the original away in a nice safe place, makes sense does not it? This way if my brothers and sister accidently scratched or damaged my backup disk I could easily make another and do not have to worry about flushing another $ 100 down the toilet.

So after many fruitless hours of searching I found a couple of ways that showed me how to copy Ps3 games. The first way required me downloading and installing several different software programs to read the disk and make images and then backups. This would have been quite effective if I could get some of the software to install, I had a few problems with some of them and the tutorial I was using was based on using previous software versions and so it took an age for me to actually make a backup, notwithstanding the fact that I had to install and uninstall 3 other programs that would not work, but in the end i got a successful Ps3 backup.

After thinking to myself "there is to be an easier way" i was lucky enough to find a software product which claimed to be able to backup. Now this product did cost but the price was small compared to what it claimed to be able to do. Not only did it say it could copy Ps3 games but it could also copy any mainstream console game bought out in the last 10 years (Xbox 360, Wii, Ps2, Xbox etc) so I whipped out my credit card, purchased the product and installed it on my computer.

Boy was I glad I did, this made the process simple. Insert original Ps3 game, launch the software, wait for it to make an image, insert media to burn to and that's all there was to it. Basically a one step process for backing up Ps3 games.

So if you are still wondering how to copy Ps3 games then I suggest you visit the site below for the one step easy way to accomplish this.

Source by Jamie Harding

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