Games Every Babysitter Should Know

Would you like to have some ideas to keep children occupied while you are watching them? When children are busy they are usually better behaved and this can make your job as a babysitter much easier. It may even give you a pay raise because parents value sitters that keep their kids happy and busy. There are many parents looking for responsible people to take care of their children and some are willing to pay handsomely for this.

As a good sitter the first thing you should do is pack a bag or backpack of things that can entertain children for a short while. Having a bag filled with such things as bubbles, jump ropes, crayons and new coloring books is a good idea. These small things can go a long way to keep kids happy. Even bringing a good storybook can work.

Young children and babies love to sing and learning some cute little songs to sing with them can quickly pass the time away especially if they are very young. Babies love to play peek a boo and pat a cake. Both games are things that you probably already know how to do. Toddlers love to look in mirrors and holding one in front of a small child can keep him occupied for quite some time.

Pre school children love a quick game of motor boat or ring around the rosiest. When they tire of this, can give the child a small mirror to look at himself. Ask him to make a happy, sad or scary faces. This also works well when there are two children. You can ask "who has the scariest face" or "who has the happiest smile."

Older children like to play games too. You can set a small kitchen timer for about 2 minutes, while the kids are covering their eyes hide the timer. The first person to find it gets to hide it next. Setting the kids down and making faces to see who will giggle first is also something kids love. Kids of all ages also like putting shows on for their parents. The time spent alone with them can be used to put on a fun show to perform for their parents when they arrive home.

Choosing games that are not too rowdy is a good idea so that when bedtime comes they will be able to calm down and sleep. But keeping them busy with your own special activities tells everyone you are the sitter to have. And because you are having so much fun with the kids, your time will pass quickly and you will soon find yourself with a pocket full of money. You may find your calendar filling up quickly with babysitting jobs.

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