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Do you want to buy a new video game, but there are many newly released, awesome games, and you are not sure which to buy?

Buying a new video game may not be as straightforward task as it looks; you may end up wasting your money on a poor game if you do not research it first. I said research? Yes, even for a small task like buying a new video game you need a little research. Most people do not do that research before spending their money on a video game, although it takes only a few minutes to do it.

Why research a video game before buying it? Because there are many games that look amazing, but they are actually poor games that you will not be satisfied with, such poor games could be attractive for buyers because of a well done marketing combined with some false reviews from top games reviews.

There are many reasons why a professional reviewer may not give an accurate review. Firstly, take into consideration that the reviewer has a large number of titles to review each month, and so he may not be able to give enough time testing for each one. Secondly, even for a professional reviewer with unbiased opinion his personal taste may unintentionally affect his review and the total score for the video game (for score based reviews) and thus giving an inaccurate indication. And finally, some games with very successful previous releases may impede a false assumption on the reviewer that it will be as good as its previous releases.

The easy steps to do before buying a new video game:

1. Read the review from multiple trusted sources.

2. Look for users' reviews. Some games websites give you the average user score; This score is more accurate than the score from professional reviewers because it is directly from the end users.

3. Watch game-play videos and do not rely on official trailer. Search YouTube for game-play videos to see the game in action.

4. Always play the demo before buying. Almost all games have a demo to try, so why not? Go ahead and try it.

5. Try to avoid games from an unknown publisher. You do not want to end up dealing with a buggy product and poor customer support.

Do the above steps before buying any new video game to avoid wasting your money on another so-so game, and if you are still not sure about a particular game then ask people who have played it, the easiest way to do that is to join forums talking about that game.

Source by Wissam M Fattouh

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