Fun Party Games for Kids Birthday Parties

A kid is always excited to go to children's parties because they will get to see their friends and play the whole time. Not only will they get to eat their most favorite food like fried chicken and spaghetti, but they will also take home lots of freebies and cool souvenirs. One of the most anticipated part of a kids' party are the party games because kids love the challenge and loves the prizes more.

So if you are organizing a kid's party, it is time that you start thinking about the party games you want to have. First, you need to consider where you want the games to be held. If you are planning to have the party at your backyard, then you can choose to have some messy party games because they are a lot more fun. And kids do not really mind to get messy, in fact, the messier the more they like it. But if you are planning to hold them indoors, you should avoid sticky or wet ingredients in the game to avoid any accidents, plus this is hard to clean too.

What are the favorite party games of children in parties? First is to pin the tail on the donkey. The chosen player is to be blind folded and spun around at least 3-5 times. After that, children in the room will be shouting at the direction he should go to be able to pin the tail on the donkey. Kids have a very good time playing this game and you will certainly hear laughter all around especially if the player was able to pin the tail on someone else.

Another popular game in children parties are musical chairs or trip to Jerusalem. A group of kids will be required to play this, if there are 10 children, 9 chairs will be placed in a circle. The music will start playing and the kids have to dance around the chairs until the music stops. Once the music stops, the kids should be able to find a seat and the one who was not able to find a seat is off the game. The game will continue until only one chair is left.

If you are having the game outside, you can have a flour blowing game. The goal of the game is to find a number of goodies under the bowl, but the kid can only find it if he / she is to blow the flour out the bowl. And once he has found goodies, only the mouth can be used to pick up these out of the bowl. This is a very messy game but kids will love making fun of themselves once their faces are all white.

Last popular game to have is the spoon race. If you are playing indoors, you can choose to use lemon or potatoes. If you are playing outdoors, you can use an egg. The goal of the game is to be able run from and back the starting line without having the object fall that is placed on top of the spoon. You can divide the kids in two teams and let them race it out. There are so many more party games that are fun; you can simply search the Internet for other kids games to use.

Source by Autumn H. Diaz

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