Best Board Games For Kids

For Kids Aged 3-4 Years

Candyland is considered as a preschooler's first game. Children draw colored cards and then they move their tokens to the next square of the same color. Your child need not know how to read or write to play this game which makes it apt for the age group.

For Kids Aged 5 Years and Up

Bananagrams has been the number 1 game at Amazon for a long time. It is very similar to Scrabble except that you can use any hard surface or table for playing this game. Bananagrams is apt for taking along while traveling.

For Kids Aged 8 Years and Up

Quiddler is also similar to Scrabble except that you use cards to play here. You have to form words with the cards you have and the winner is the player with a stray single card at hand. You can earn bonuses by the end of each round. The longest word too gets a bonus in this board game. Quiddler is a must have for kids who love word games.

For Kids Aged 12 Years and Up

Say Anything is a fun, interactive board game where you have to guess your friend's answers to cheeky questions. You earn points if you guess your friend's answer correctly. Say Anything is a highly engaging board game with fun questions.

For Adults

Partini is a mixture of fun games that are sure to rock a party. Each package contains 35 coasters and 430 cards. The mixture of games are a lot of fun and adults are sure to enjoy them at get-togethers.

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