Backup Games For Wii – How to Backup Games For Wii

Do you want to learn how to backup games for Wii and backup your entire game collection? Are you unsure how to do this? Think you need some special disc to do this? You will be happy to hear that you do not need a special disc to backup games for Wii. It's a lot easier then you may think and I am about to reveal to you exactly how easy it is.

Well first I will clear up the fact that you do NOT need a special disc to backup games for Wii. All you need is a blank DVD. Yep that's right; Wii games are on the same type of disc as a DVD. You can get a large pack of DVD's at a department store for a very affordable price. A lot cheaper then purchasing a brand new game. So before any of your games get damaged, you should go out and get some blank DVD's and start backing up your collection.

All you need to backup games for the Wii is a simple piece of software. It is called "Game Copy Wizard" and it allows you to backup any game you could ever think of. And like I said you do not need a special disc or a special computer, all you need is a blank DVD and a DVD burner. This may come to you as a shock, but I promise, that's really all you need along with the "Game Copy Wizard" software. Amazing is not it? Creating backup games for Wii is as easy as backing up your music collection or burning a CD. If you know how to do that, then you know how to back games for Wii.

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