8 Most Addictive iPhone Games for Teens

A game can entertain you and keep you engaged all day. There is a range of addictive games available these days, which can help you relax. iPhone applications and games are extremely addictive and cheap enough for everyone to afford.

However, it will be an elongated process, if you have to try millions of games, to decide your favorite ones. Thus, I have sorted out the top eight and most fabulously addictive games, which are sure to enthrall the new age teenagers.

1. Fruit Ninja

This app can practically entertain anyone and everyone. The fruit Ninja is a wonderful iPhone game, where you have to slice fruits in a stroke. This is an exciting game with brilliant background, and it keeps on getting interesting as the levels increase.

2. Doodle Jump

This wonderful game is highly addictive and comes with regular updates. There are multiple things to collect, fresher courses to jump through in this app. These things may make the game shamefully addictive among teenagers. With a sufficient amount of playtime, this game is worth every penny.

3. Temple run

As could be understood from the name, it requires running and jumping around to escape from the hands of a monster monkey in an ancient temple. The major target would be to collect as many coins as you can along with avoiding the obstacles and prevent yourself from being eaten by the monkey.

4. Bejeweled

With three sparkling levels and an action packed game genre, this game is extremely entertaining.

5. Tiny wings

Take the role of a tiny round and cute bird to enter the game. Slide down the hills, fly from one island to another, and gather momentum when required. Timing is the villain here, which makes the game tricky. It is unbelievably simple, yet quite addictive.

6. Jetpack Joyride

In this fun-filled game, you steal a Jetpack from a high-end secret facility and flee with it traveling through multiple routes.

7. Plants vs. Zombies

A plant vs. Zombies is a battle between the living and the dead. It is extremely exciting and entertaining. This game has acquired high popularity among the teenagers. Players must fight against a wave of zombies to save the houses. It consist of an impractical storyline, but is highly addictive.

8. Angry Birds

This game needs no introduction. The players involved are in total control of a variety of birds with outstanding expressions. In the game, eggs are stolen by the evil green pigs and the player attempts to rescue them and make the 'angry' birds 'happy'. Launch the birds from a slingshot to break a structure, which will destroy the pigs. However, certain stages are a bit frustrating, but with some crazy levels, the fun is never-ending.

Source by James Patrick Winson

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