Video Game Tester Jobs

Do you like playing video games all day? Would not it be your dream job to get paid to stay home and test new video games? Salary video game tester jobs are in high demand at the moment and with the proper training you could be getting paid to do your dream job.

What exactly is a video game tester? When gaming companies are about to launch new games to the public they first sample out their product to video game testers looking for feedback on their games, kind of like a focus group. Such jobs are not easy to get … they're definitely not going to be popping up in your local help wanted papers, but with the right connections and advice you can make a living doing what you love best and make all your friends envy you.

If you are completely serious about becoming a video game tester you may consider taking some classes in the field and seeking out apprenticeships and training programs that are offered in your area by the larger companies in the gaming industry. Try experimenting with the different gaming systems and types of games so you have a more broad understanding of the different options, this is an excellent way to learn everything you need to know to land yourself a career in the gaming industry.

Subscribe to various gaming magazines and read up on the latest news on the blogs and gaming forums to keep up to date on trending topics in the gaming world, that's a good way to make an entry into the gaming industry and moving in the right direction of turning your passion in to a career.

Being a game tester is also like being known as a game expert or guru, which means that people hold your opinion as something important and tend to follow your opinions as if they were facts or news but like any job there will be criticisms that will disagree with your opinions and debate against your views, at times making you feel that your expert advice is not always appreciated. All the greats faced their battles with skeptics though, its usually the case that person is just jealous of your position and wishes they had what you have. Being a game tester is like being the rock star of the gaming community and not everyone is going to be happy for you.

Part of being an expert in the gaming industry is admitting that there is always more to learn, position yourself with the best opportunities for growth in the industry, do not let promising opportunities pass by without getting from them what you can and do not be afraid of trying because not everything is handed to you and sometimes if there is something that you really want … you have to just go out there and take it, because that how you get what you want in life and there is nothing more fulfilling then living life the way you want to and getting paid to do what you love.

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