Top 3 Games That Need a DS Port

The Nintendo DS is a popular, portable gaming device that is not only great for developers to design innovative new games to work with its touch screen and dual display format, but has led to many developers "porting" older games from Genesis, SNES others to fit and play on the DS. What's great about this is that it gives the developers the ability to improve upon the original games through the new abilities of the DS. Here are a few games that I think should get the new port treatment.


With the success of another RPG game that came out around the same time as Earthbound that was ported to the DS (Chrono Trigger) you would think that this quirky, cult-game would at the top of the list of games older games to recreate and port to the DS. I'm not sure what is holding them up, it could be copyright issues since Earthbound did not have a lot of funny, strange pop culture references, or it could be that they feel the game has no need for improvement with a port. Neverheless, Earthbound on the DS could bring this great game to an even bigger audience which would be great.


This odd PlayStation title that used the image, likeness and voice of Bruce Willis as the main character of the game looks and plays like an original DS shooter so it looks like it would be easy to port the game onto the DS. Although not universally acclaimed, this interesting title is an intenet shooter with some unique science fiction elements-and-course, it has Bruce Willis in it.

Rock N 'Roll Racing

I can not tell you how much time I spent placing this game with friends when I was younger. This SNES game was like a rock n 'roll version of Mario Kart where you choose a character, a vehicle and raced around a track shooting missiles, dropping bombs and doing other stuff to try and stop the competition from beating you. The great thing about the game was of course, the soundtrack, which somehow got the rights to classic songs from Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Steppenwolf.

Source by Alan McGee

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