Parallel Effects of Video Game Addiction to Adults and to Kids

Adult or teen, video game addiction is something that we should always be aware off. We've talked about kids dropping school and get violent with other people because of this addiction. But how about adults?

Surprisingly, the average age of a video game addict is 35 years old. I thought back then that the average would be around 20-24 but clearly I was wrong.

Adult addicts are the ones who grow up from the gaming industry. They were the ones who played Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog and Zelda. Yes they work in offices and some even run their own business. But once they sat down in front of a television with a game console on, they are relieving their childhood memories.

Whatever you may be an adult who loves playing or a kid who wants to have a good time rather than studying, the effect of video game addiction is the same. This has a potential to destroy.

Both age groups tend to forget and ignore their responsibilities. The kids would forget that they have chores and home works while the adults would usually forget that they need to work on their office projects. This will result in a decrease in their performance.

When you find your child playing in front of a computer and see that their school ratings go down, it's definitely a sign that their play is taking a toll and is becoming unhealthy to them. You need to tone down their play time and set a goal for them.

For example, you can tell the child that if and when his school ratings are on the standards you've set, you can allow him to play games. If not, you're going to lock up the computer or the game console that he's using.

Now for the tricky part; your husband who's added in payment. You just do not know what you're going to do or how you're going to handle the situation.

The best thing you can do is to remind him that he has responsibilities. He needs to be the father of the family and the kids depend on him to be a role model.

You both can set video gaming nights so there would be rules to follow. Video gaming can destroy a family and relationships. But with the right tool and rules, this may create a great family bonding for you, your husband and your child.

Source by Eric A De Jesus

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