How Video Games Could Help Your Business

I know what you're thinking "how could video games ever benefit me in anyway, let alone help my business", firstly I do not want to give the false impression that by staying home all day and playing video games your business will skyrocket , it will not, hard work and dedication is the only formula for that my friends. However I do want to examine the benefits of playing video games, and show the translation of these benefits into our fine world of business.

Social Networking

Online multiplayer games are huge; it is the most played game type in the world. Meaning that as of youths calling you derogatory terms for homosexuals and claiming to have performed certain acts on your mother, there are some genuine links to be made. Given the magnitude of the online community, it is likely that you will encounter potential business associates and clients on your time playing online; however it will be difficult to build a rapport with someone on first person shooter type games, stick to strategic games, for example league of legends. This strategy based game encourages you to talk tactics with fellow players to help win games, making it a very easy platform to meet people.

Decision Making

In the fast paced war zone of Afghanistan there is no time to hesitate, either you pull the trigger first or die. Now this anecdote may only be referring to a virtual war zone, where you do not actually die but it is regularly being in these pressure situations which exercise the brain into comfort when faced with similar circumstances. In game you will be faced to face with an opponent where if you do not make the first move you will die, in these situation there is no time to think, just react. Crossover into the workplace, your company is downsizing and you need to let an employee go, you're torn between two employees at this point it is beyond thought and has reached instinct.

Longevity of life

A study from the University of Iowa has states that playing a brain-teasing game for just two hours a week may help slow the degree of mental decay associated with the natural aging process. I really do not know how I could link this in with the business world, think of it this way, your business is probably better off with you not dead, right?

Pain Relief

In 2010 a research found that patients who had been undergoing chemotherapy reported less pain when immersed in virtual world. The same study shows that this does not only apply to chronic illnesses, sufferers of minor and injuries and stress also saw a decrease when pain levels when playing video games. The proverb peace of body peace of mind, is not just proverbial, it is a fact, we are only capable to function to our full potential when our body and mind are at ease.

Source by Jamal Askoumi

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