How to Play the Baby Guessing Game for Baby Showers

Having games to play at baby showers are a must have if you want the shower to be successful. Why? Guests do not want to feel like the celebration is dragging on and on. By having activities or games to play, it gives your guests a sense of appreciation (thank you for coming, did not you have fun ?!) and it helps to create great memories for the mom to be.

A great game to play is the Baby Guessing Game. This is an excellent game to play because it is quick, and actually quite humorous when the guessing takes place. The rules are simple. Below is the instructions for how to play the Baby Guessing Game at your baby shower.


Prize for the winner
Something to display pictures on
Pen / paper for each baby shower guest

1.) Inform all of your guests before they arrive (preferably at least a few days in advance so they are prepared) to please bring a baby photo of themselves. Make sure you tell them not to show their picture to anyone when they arrive!

2.) Once all of the guests have arrived to the shower, have them give you their baby photo. Tell the mother-to-be she needs to bring one too!

3.) Place each baby photo on a display board of some kind. This can be anything you like. The one rule is to make sure everyone will be able to see the baby photos.

4.) When you are ready to play the game, hand out a pen and paper to each guest, then have each guest view the baby photos. Now the guessing begins!

* You can choose to guess out loud or on paper. Entirely up to the hostess.
* Once everyone has taken their baby photo guess, the secrets are disclosed.

5.) The winner is the guest with the most correct baby photo guesses, and gets a prize!

Prizes can be anything you want. Candles are a common baby shower game prize, but it can be anything you desire. You're the hostess, make it your own! A dollar store is a great place to shop for baby shower prizes.

This is an excellent game to play, because everyone in attendance will enjoy seeing what others looked like as a baby. The laugh you'll certainly get from your guests will make the mother-to-be remember her special day, and your hostessing abilities will certainly be envied.

Source by Jennifer Kelly

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