Gun Game 2

Do you think that you have what it takes to be considered a gun expert? Before answering, make sure to play Gun Game 2. Dude it really is awesome. Not much can be compared with it. First of all it's lifelike … really realistic and this is the only thing that matters. To make an internet game not far from reality you need to work and research a whole lot – all these are identified in Gun Game 2. The truth is, I really do not know what to begin my review with because there are numerous aspects of this game.

I'll begin with the graphics – They're all excellent! When I first opened the game, I liked a lot the introduction – you're shown a great eagle on the display screen and below it says you must click anywhere to start. The next thing that i considered to be amazing are the three profiles. You just need to choose one and build it. You can change his hair, face, mouth, eyes as well as shirt. In case you are a bad-ass that likes to mess around with guns, make your online guy a bad-ass. I made my character as a cop because I'm a lousy shooter and cops are unquestionably the lousiest. Once you tailor your figure, underneath his face you will see a quite short resume that contains money, badges, rewards and others more. Load it and you'll be revealed the entire menu from where you are able to do different quests, purchase guns, improve your guns, see your merits, read the newspaper and also go to Fat Bob for tasks. He's the informer and he provides you with all the missions.

Gun Game 2 is centered on you and your gun. You need to be fast, you must have an excellent shooting and at the same time must keep control of the recoil. So, in case you still declare that you are awesome with weapons, head out right now on Bored and prove it!

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