First Person Shooters: How To Play Better

First person shooter games are fun to play. Many gamers play FPS games like Call of Duty and Battlefield Online and with friends. In fact, there are websites that host competitions with monetary rewards for first person-shooter-games. However, unless you are a professional gamer, your chances of winning these competitions are small.

Here are some tips for how to play better.

Analyze everything

After you learn the basics of any game, the next step is to analyze. You should question every move, decision, map, weapon etc. The best gamers pay very close attention to small details in the games they play. In terms of shooter games, you should have a thorough understanding of each map layout and the hot routes in each map. There are certain statistics and analytics available that display the routes players are likely to take in any given map for a variety of games.

You should always analyze your ability to aim quickly. You will be a much better player if you can greatly increase your accuracy. You should be able to place the down-sight aim directly on your opponent on the first try; you should not have to adjust your aim.

Take advantage of the game's features

Every first-person-shooter game has features that many players fail to use. For example, in Call of duty, every player has the opportunity to assign multiple weapons, perks and killstreaks to individual classes; however, some people only assign one class. One class will not prepare the player for different situations. If there is a helicopter in the vicity and you do not have a class with a homing rocket launcher, you will not be able to shoot down the helicopter.

Some weapons are more effective in a variety of situations. You should always have classes for sniper situations, for big maps with plenty of hiding spots; small weapons, for small maps with many close quarter skirmishes; and assault rifles, for medium sized maps that require accuracy.

The best players are able to take full advantage of every feature that a game has to offer.

Observe other good players

One of the easiest ways to learn how to play better is by observing other players. Take notes of the types of decisions that make, the weapons they use and the routes they take. If they are consistently winning matches against other online players then you know they have something they can teach you.

Alternately, play against other good players as much as you can. They will force you to improve your skills in order to win against them.

Hopefully these tips will help you. When it comes to online gaming, you are your harshest critic. You should always be critiquing your gaming skills.

Source by Eric John Johnson

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