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Three dimensional has become the newest thing. It is available in movies, books, and now even in video gaming. Graphics and sound effects are more realistic. This gives the appearance of actually being "in" the game. With so many free 3D games so readily available on the internet, there is sure to be something pleasing to all.

> Advantage of 3D over 2D

The improvement in graphic depiction is not the only advantage of 3D over 2D. There are other aspects of gaming that are improved as well. These include:

– Realism

The scenes and playing area look more realistic. They are photographed from models, not drawn on the computer screen. This makes them look like the real thing.

– Movement

The movement is more accurate as well. When a projectile is shot, it lands accurately. Cars stay on the road better, and anything that needs to be placed can be done with much more accuracy.

– Controls

Game action is controlled with joysticks or joystick-like controllers. The movement can be omni-directional, as opposed to up, down, left, right in 2 D versions. Control is much more accurate as well.

– Animations

Animation is more realistic than with 2D. Legs move, arms throw, and some depictions even scratch their head. Blocks or pieces falling in some strategy games look more realistic with the other dimension.

> Types of 3D Depiction

– Flash / Shockwave

These require downloading, but give great graphics. They do sometimes hang up and slow game play. They are not on the game site's server, so will have to be installed and managed on your personal computer. Some people do not like doing that.

– Unity

Unity is a new one. This is accessed through the game site's platform. No download is required, a plug-in must be activated. The performance is better with this one because there is no hanging up of your computer, or variation due to computer memory. Most players now prefer this option.

> Types of 3D games

You can play free games online in many different categories. Some of the categories of games available in 3D are:

– Shooting

– Car

– Strategy

These categories have many different games in each, giving a choice of literally hundreds of games. Most sites list them by category for easier searching. Some even allow one to save favorites to a special folder on their site for quick and easy location when ready to play. Find the game of your choice and save it for quick reference later.

Source by Rajesh B Sanghvi

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