Real Time Strategy Games – A Wise Choice For Gamers

There is no doubt that video games were and still being of attention in these last years. Of course there are people who think they are a waste of time, but they are not. I remember during my child hood when Nintendo came up with NES. However, what really left footprints in the world of video games were computer games.

There was just one kind of video game that really liked me: The Real Time Strategy Game. A RTSG is strategy game as its name says it, is a strategy game. The main objective of this kind of game is to breed and lead an army in order to win a battle against other players.

Since the beginning of computer games, have been several genders for this type of game: From middle age battles to star-field battles. During my youth, I played most game titles regarding the real time strategy available on the market. The difference between game and game is the way to play it as well as the properties from each one; however, to learn to play this kind of games you need to be skilled.

What is the best strategy for this kind of games?

First off, we must know each and every one of the elements of the game. Once learned these elements, we must know about the weakness and strengths of each of the units or characters of the game. For example, Blizzard's Starcraft game. The combat is carried out on a remote galaxy where three different civilizations are engaged in battle for survival and supremacy. Each unit for each civilization has a property that gives a certain advantage to its race.

Once knowing the game details, the following step is to master it. A good practice on this kind of games is to learn their HOTKEYS. Hotkeys are short direct access to commands of the game. These commands can be performed with the mouse as well. The next step is to practice. Personally, I prefer practicing with the AI ​​of the computer before going against humans. Human players are hard to beat, especially when they are experienced players.

Is playing useful?

Many people believe playing is a waste of time. It may be a waste of time on games such as Grand theft auto. But, in my opinion, real time strategy games are helpful on developing mental skills such as fast thinking, take of decisions among others. However, as on any activity, we must keep a balance.

Source by Daniel Rios

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