Gaming With Dual Monitors

Dual monitors or multi monitor as it is more commonly known is a term used when there are more than one display device is used. This could be monitors or projectors or even televisions. The reasons why two monitors are preferred for programs running on a computer is because of its increase in area that allows increase in productivity of the user. With the popularity of this concept it has been increasingly used by video editors, graphic designers and game developers. These days there are numerous games too that support dual monitors too. However it does come with its own share of disadvantages too. Given below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the gaming with two monitors and some games that allow gaming using dual monitors.


Two monitors are always betters than one, especially when it comes to gaming. The first and foremost benefit is the screen space. With the large screen space that is available to the gamers, it gives them an enhanced gaming experience. Especially in the games where the gamer has to be more worried and concerned about the horizontal landscape rather than the vertical one, dual monitor comes in use here. By using dual monitors the player is able to have a larger and a much more realistic view of what the character in the game is able to view.

A good example of gaming with Multiple Monitors is un World of Warcraft. This MMORPG allows the user to don the role of an on screen avatar and controls all the actions of that avatar like exploring, fighting, interacting with other characters and much more. This game can beset up to be played with a dual monitor so enhancing the gaming experience of the user. Using Dual Monitor also allows the player to view different instances of the same game on different monitor without getting confused or losing focus on the game rather than trying to view all the instances on one single monitor.


Like all technology, even using two monitors has its own disadvantages. We have listed some of them for you in this article. The main problem that crops up while using dual monitors is with the vertical size. While the increase in the horizontal view is good for gamers as they are able to view several instances, the increase in the vertical view becomes very uncomfortable for the user. The other main disadvantage is with the sharing of resources. The resources of the video card are shared between both the monitors which could lead to a reduced performance from the processor and the video memory, so not allowing the users to enjoy the desired output.

Games that allow using dual monitors

There are several games that allow the use of multiple monitors while playing. Clear the Swarm was the first web game that supported multi monitors. This game's entry into the market saw several other games like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000, Supreme Commander, World In Conflict, DOOM, Burnout Paradise, Dirt 2, Team Fortress 2 and World of Warcraft into the market that can be played with dual monitors.

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