Become a Game Tester – Best Way to Become a Video Game Tester – Do Not Believe Everything You Read

Google has over 46,300,000 sites that claim to be able to teach you how to become a game tester. Do you think that there are actually that many sites that can teach you how to become a game tester and make money for playing games?

The probability seems somewhat slim or there would be a whole lot more people doing this. If this is what you have decided you would like to do, be careful and do not lose a lot of money by believing everything you read at every site. Research is going to be the key when you search for your opportunity.

When someone decides to become a game tester they need to find the most effective way to get started. Currently many people are doing beta tests for pre-launch games, so finding one of these will allow you to assist a game developer.

The main thing to remember when searching for one of these types of jobs is there is a certain amount of work involved. Writing a review of the game you have played and all the glitches you found will be a part of the job. So, yes while it is fun to play games that have not been released to the public yet, you will be doing some work to earn your money.

The sites, that tell you all you have to do is play the games, are wrong – you will have to report any and all problems you find with the game – not just, 'this is an awesome game and I think it will be a hit '.

Source by Shara Roudebush

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