4 Quick Mind Games Which Will Pull Your Ex Back – These Will Get Your Ex to Notice You Again!

So now that you broke up and you really want your ex back, the idea of ​​giving him or her some love potion has been lurking in your mind … if any such thing implemented. Or regardless the desperate measure to just kidnap them and tie them in your room so they will not ever leave you again. Not necessary!

Yes, there is a better way. Take a look at these four amazing mind games to pull your ex back ….

Keep your connections close – Mutual friends, family members, college classmates, etc. First thing to keep in mind; these people will serve as your accomplices whenever you need any new information that would help you in your plan.

One other reason why this is important is these people would also serve as your messengers whenever you need to relay something to get that mind of your ex's thinking about you. Remember, nothing you do would work if your ex is unaware. So you need to make sure that he or she finds out or else the plan would not work.

Friendly date – Go out on a friendly date with someone else. Again, make sure your "accomplices" know so the news would reach your ex. But this should be done with caution. You are not trying to give an idea to your ex that you have moved on. He or she needs to know that you are just going out on a friendly date. Why is that important?

If it is just a friendly date, the cogs on your ex's mind would be moving faster and start thinking, is it really … is it something more, are you having fun? Now he or she will start to feel the fear of losing you to someone else. Instead of giving the message that you have moved on which can just get them to be mad at you. Do this a few times.

He or she looks nice – Try to get your ex on a friendly conversation on the phone. Now the time has come when your ex is going to ask you about your friendly dates or new people you meet at work. This is your chance. Tell your ex that this friendly date or the new guy / girl at work looks nice, but you are unsure yet about any possibility.

Talk about the "nice" things this other person does or has. Believe it or not, your ex would actually think of can be done to outdo them. If your ex does not ask, open up the topic yourself. Do it cool, find other things to talk about first that would lead the conversation to it.

Do not make yourself too available – This does not mean that you should never talk to your ex or return his / her phone calls. Do not run to every phone call or reply to their messages immediately. Let it simmer for a little while before calling back and tell your ex you've been busy. This gives them the message that you are getting on with your life.

Source by Avril Harper-Rae

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