The Essentials of How to Backup Xbox Games

Sometimes all we really want is to make sure our gaming night goes smoothly without any hiccups and commotions. Most of the time problems are caused by having a weak bandwidth on LAN games or internet games or if the game disc is scratched and damaged. This happens a lot with Xbox games because they still utilize the DVD format which is by far inferior to the Blu-ray format that the PlayStation 3 uses. This is when people inquire how to backup Xbox games so they can have a copy copy just in case trouble with the original copy does arise.

So now the question is: how to backup Xbox games? It is a very easy process and we will delve into it step-by-step.

First off you need a computer or laptop with a DVD burner / writer. It is not enough that you can read DVD's on it. The drive must also be able to write on a blank DVD. This here brings us to the second material needed: a blank DVD.

The DVD is most likely needed to be a DVD-9 as this format holds up to 8GB of data instead of the usual 4.7GB that a regular DVD can hold. Why is this crucial? Because Xbox games hold much more data than a movie and Microsoft and the involved third parties that develop video games burn their products on DVD-9 discs.

Third you will require a backup software such as Easy Backup Wizard or Game Backup Wizard. This will be your main tool of the trade.

The last thing you will need will be the game disc itself.

How to backup Xbox games, you ask again? Quite simple.

Run the wizard and follow the on-screen instructions. When ready it will prompt you to insert the original game disc. When in the system the wizard will create a virtual copy of the game. When this process is done it will ask you to take the disc out and replace it with the blank DVD. From here the software will burn the game onto the DVD. Quick, simple and fast.

So now when someone asks you how to backup Xbox games , you can respond with a gleam in your eyes and show them how it can be such an easy process. It is fast and easy and when completed can save you, the gamer, a ton of hours and money by having this backup instead of purchasing the product a second time. Now you can sit back and relax and enjoy the game.

Source by Richard Kevinson

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