Playing Paintball Game For Fun

Paintball is an exciting, action-packed, adrenalin driven game where players shoot paintballs at each other. When someone is hit, that person is out of the game. The aim is to remove the opposition team players, capture their flag and return to the home base. This game started around the 1970's when the Nelson Paint Company developed a gas-operated gun as well as marking pellets, which leave a semi-permanent mark when they hit an object. The paintball used in these games breaks upon impact and leaves a visible paint mark on the players clothes.

Experts say playing paintball can be beneficial for the mind and body. This game also helps in building team spirit as it is basically a team game. It has been said that paintball game can assist in the development of stamina and agility. It can get you off the couch and help in burning up a lot of calories as you need to do a lot of running, jumping, dodging, bending and climbing. Parents should encourage their children to play this game in order to encourage physical activity in them, get them off the internet or mobile phones. Some of the other benefits of paintball game are – improvement in eye hand co-ordination, development of strong focus and determination, development of leadership skills and increased physical and mental agility.

This game can be best enjoyed when there are a lot of people involved and there is a large playing area. You also need the proper safety equipment, like headgear, in order to avoid injuries. Before starting the game, the rules should have been made clear to all the players so that there is no confusion later on. Below we will discuss some things to keep in mind if you want to completely enjoy the game with a group of friends without any unwanted problems arising.

1. Establish clear boundaries: Take a walk around the playing field and let everyone know the boundaries. Make sure that the playing field is either too big nor too small. If there are just 3 members per team, then a 100X50 yard field may be sufficient. However if there are more people involved then the field should be bigger.

2. Establish time limit : If you do not have a time limit, people may not take any risks to eliminate the opponent team's members. Thus the game would proceed at a very slow pace. Another problem with not having time limit is that the people who are eliminated early on would get bored as they have to wait idly for a very long time for the whole thing to finish. Thus, to make it fun for everyone, have a clearly specified time limit. When the time is up, the team which lost most of its members will be the loser.

3. Divide the teams fairly: Try to divide the teams in such a manner that both teams are almost equal to each other. If there are a few experienced players and a few beginners, try to divide them all equally so that each team has its share of experienced players. It would be a lot more fun if both teams are evenly matched in strength and expertise.

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