How to Become a Game Tester – Are You Qualified to Become a Tester of Video Games?

You want to become a game tester but the big question is; Are you qualified to become a paid game-player?

That's right! There are some qualifications and requirements needed in order for you to become one of those guys who get paid by simply playing video games.

Do you know that an average paid game-player earns around $ 39,000 per year?

In fact, others were able to earn as much as $ 70,000 per annual; depending on their years of experience and qualification. However, if you are new to this career, do not expect to earn that much because experience is one of the important factors being considered by those big companies who are searching for people to play their newly produced games in exchange for some feedback.

What are the qualifications to become a game tester?

1. You must have an excellent personal computer equipped with high-end video cards, sound cards and large hard disk and RAM memory in order for you to play high-end games.

2. You must have at least one console game; like Wii, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo DS, and Xbox 360 among many others. It is best to have as many as possible so that you can take more jobs on playing various types of games.

3. Excellent English skills; Feedback reports are required and they need to be free from any spelling and grammatical errors.

4. Experience; This is one of the most important part in order for you to get high paying jobs. But do not worry if you have no experience because there are still companies who hire new entrants to this industry; however, do not expect to get high payouts. In fact, there are ways to get yourself more experience in shortest time possible.

Here, if you want to know how to become a game tester, check the aforementioned things first if you are qualified; and you possess the required equipments. Do not worry about the experience, because this can be easily overcome.

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