Fun Billiards Games You Probably Never Played

A number of the billiard games get their fundamental principles from the billiards game of rotation. Whether it is nine ball, eight ball or ten ball it is still based on this principle. With this principle, the player is required to hit the lowest numbered ball in the first instance so that you will hit the most difficult shot. However one is not required to determine the shot which he wishes to hit.

The billiard games have a rack that is displayed with the number one ball at the tip and then the two or three balls at the back corners. Then the fifteen balls should be straight in the middle of the rack. The scoring in these rotation games is normally based on the point system with the number on the ball being awarded as the point. With this game the shooter continues to shoot as long as he does not legally pocket a ball. Getting more points by pocketing very high numbered balls than the opponent is the sole aim of the player.

When playing billiard games, any player who gets 61 points any point during the game is named as the winner. This is because there are 120 points available for all the 15 balls used in playing the game. There is no need to hit a winning shot as the purpose of the game is to hit a lot more total points than your opponent.

One of the popular billiard games is the One Pocket game. The players are required to shoot some specialized types of shots. The table is also cut into six pockets for shots and also two open pockets. You have to call the needed pocket for your shot in this game but not calling what ball will enter a particular pocket. Indeed the needed pocket for every shot is the target for the opponent similar to the game of soccer. Each play is also meant to defend a particular target pocket. It is thus illegal to make a shot into one of the four other pockets instead of making a shot into the target pocket of the opponent.

For this game, before starting the two players will have to choose which pocket will have to be used as the target pocket. The One Pocket game is over if the target pocket is listed on about eight or more occasions.

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