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By now I am sure everyone is familiar with the ever growing and ever so popular type of zombie game that is available out there. But you may not be too familiar with what they are about. Basically they are creatures that you typically read about in books or watch in movies, but now you see them all over your gaming systems and online where you are actually given the opportunity to play a free zombie game. The Zombie was initially said to have been from West Africa where the culture practiced a lot of voodoo and witch craft. People were told to have been controlled by a wizard. Today however the Zombie is known for its popularity from a movie released by George Romero titled The Night of the Living Dead which was released in 1968.

Zombies are visually seen as people though they are much slower and are told what to do and of course they are known as the walking evil dead. As Zombie movies game popularity we see this take place widely in games as well. Game developers have quickly jumped the gun and created some very successful Zombie killing games. The glory about this all is that they have become really big hits with both the youngsters and adults a like. However, I would definitely not suggest this genre for family gaming as some games along with the free zombie games available online are very graphic in nature.

One of the most popular Zombie type games that was developed is known to be Doom. Doom has paved the way for developers as its success can be widely seen by gamers all over the world. Now we see a large host of game developers creating fun and entertaining games that are similar to Doom but yet unique with their own twists. Gamers enjoyed Doom as a legendary zombie game that includes action, entertainment and horror much like most of the games available today. Their is no gamer who enjoys a good zombie game that has not heard of Doom, and with the advances of technology today we can see games that are even more entertaining than doom, available online for free. All that is needed on your end is an internet connection and a browser that has flash enabled.

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