Facebook Game – Mahjong Dimension Review

Mahjong Dimension is a game that is developed by two companies, which are Mob Science and Arkadium. Little have I heard about this company, but that never stops us from reviewing their game.

Mahjong Dimension is a game that is … well, Mahjong, with a bit of a twist of 3D. If you consider normal Mahjong as hard, try playing this one.

In the game, players will be given a set of mahjong tiles which is now stack up in 3D format (Somehow the mahjong tiles looks more like dice to me). Players can rotate either to the left or to the right to check out the tiles and to find the best way to solve it. Gameplay is simple, just try and match a set of mahjong tiles with the same symbol and it will open up the rest of the mahjong pieces for you.

Do bear in mind that players only have 1 minute to score as much as possible in this game. Completing a set of mahjong does not reset the timer nor does it provide any additional time into it. The timer will still proceed to countdown no matter what the player do.

Once the clock strikes 0, players score will be uploaded and players can then compare their score with their friends.

Mahjong Dimension is a quick game and depending on players, if you like Mahjong then you will like this game for sure.

Very nice 3D Mahjong and the rotation from left to right are very smooth. Other than that, there is nothing much to add for the graphic department.

The music tries to sound like it is Oriental, but I think the developers can put some extra work in it. However, the music does suit the mood of the gameplay as this game only runs for 1 minute.

Mahjong Dimension is a very fast game. Is it addictive? Well that is really up to individual. I for one did not really get too addicted to it.

I personally rate this 2.5 out of 5 rating.

Source by Mabel Lee

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