Downloadable PSP Games – The Future For Gaming Fans

Who ever you talk to these days everyone seems to be downloading stuff of the Internet. Music, movies, software and yes games. The gaming industry is massive, a multi million dollar industry larger than the movie industry (I know hard to believe but true). Nobody wants to go to the shop and buy games anymore they want the speed and easy of a game download and there are plenty of people offering this service. Download PSP games are now everywhere and here to stay.

So can you trust everyone? Well no you can not, a friend of mine found a download site and proceeded to download what he thought was God Of War for his PSP and half way through his computer froze. As it turns out he had downloaded a nasty virus and $ 150 later his computer was up and running again. A costly mistake. Now I'm not trying to put you off downloading PSP games far from it. I download hundreds of games a month to play, I'm just saying you have to be careful and trust the download site.

I get my PSP downloads from a membership site. Before you all start moaning and crying about membership fees let me explain. I paid a one of fee and it was not even the price of one PSP game. I never have to pay anything ever again, just that one payment. I now have a lifetime platinum and access to everything on the site for safe download. I can absolutely guarantee I will never get a virus or any adware or spyware on my computer (something free downloads could never guarantee). The site has over 20 million files for download, yes 20 million I will never have time to download everything but I just search for the latest and top games for PSP and away I go.

Source by Andrew Seaford

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