Copy Xbox 360 Games – Why Its Important!

Is it legal to copy Xbox 360 games?

US law protects a persons right to copy media for backup purposes. So WHY backup discs and DVDs?


It's a simple fact that DVDs, including movies and video game discs, deteriorate over time.


Most long-time gamers have seen their fair share of discs gone badly. Accidental nicks and scratches to game discs and DVDs are common. This type of damage can cause them to become nearly impossible to play. Imagine you open your favorite game to find it has become scratched or broken and your favorite game is now unreadable by your Xbox. If you have not created a back up copy, you have lost your investment in that game and now must purchase a new copy. At an average of 50 dollars per game, it's an expensive mistake which could have been prevented by having backup copies. It can prevent critical gaming delays and challenges.


You will save money by not having to replace valuable games and movies. In professional environments, people are advised to back up their personal computer data in order to avoid loss. If a purchased game or movie is valuable to a person this same action is encouraged.

If you are a lover of video games, you can appreciate the fact that purchasing an Xbox 360 console is an investment. You also spend your money with every game you add to your collection for additional hours of entertainment. If you find your discs become unreadable due to damage, your money could be lost without you having copied your Xbox game discs. SAVE replacement costs by backing up your favorite games and movie DVDs.

Even more important than your financial investment, is the time commitment you have put into your video games. We have evolved from the basic side slider to games that take hours and sometimes days to complete. It would be an awful loss if you were to have wasted hours of your life and have to restart a game due to a defective disc. If you backup disks and DVDs you will retain your precious hours of play.

Source by Jordan Garrett

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