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Being a new generation gaming console, Xbox has a great demand for the console itself and to some popular Xbox game discs as well. Like its competitors, the discs are also expensive and can get lost from shelves quite easily. Game discs all have their "lives", it is the certain amount of time and usage for your disc to gradually get destroyed. Upon reading this, you might ask yourself, my expensive game will eventually get destroyed. What should I do about it? This is where the current trend of back up games comes in. Like most media discs that can be copied, your console discs can be copied as well.

As always, a method was found on how to copy your favorite games. Copying your game discs would be beneficial as you are not ever required to buy another disc for the same game title which is by the way, inconvenient. So, in copying your game, you will need a software that does it effectively because regular copy software can not penetrate your game's encryption system.

Before you copy your favorite disc, there is some thing that you may need to have or check. First, you will need a blank dual layer DVD because Xbox games are made up of this kind of DVD. Second, a computer that has a dual DVD layer for you to burn on your blank DVD. Lastly, your Easy Backup Wizard must be installed.

The process of copying your games is just simple. You may check for tutorials on the web or simply the one provided on software. But to make it simpler, here are the steps to follow:

1. Insert you original Xbox 360 disc.

2. Open your software and have the game copied.

3. Remove your original disc.

4. Insert the dual layer blank DVD.

5. Start burning the disc.

Doing this with other Xbox 360 games is also possible. Just make sure that you follow each procedure carefully, and you're good to go! Just make sure that you legally purchased your game.

Source by Richard Kevinson

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