Civil War Chess Games

With civil war chess, one can enjoy a classic chess game with a historic bend. The civil war chess games bring famous figures of the American Civil War into your home or workplace. Civil war chess games represent the war forged between the Union troops and the Confederates. Strategy is a clear element in any battle field situation. There is no better game than chess to teach this strategy.

A civil war chess set features a beautiful civil war dimension. It explores an important event in United States history. The chess pieces are the images of great leaders from both sides of the Civil War. These figures include Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, and many others. The commanders come in historically accurate dress, expression and even stature. The rules of civil war chess games are the same as those of conventional chess.

In civil war chess, Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davies are selected as the kings and General Robert E. Lee and General Ulysses S. Grant as the queens. The two bishops symbolize General Wall Jackson and General Sherman with Union and Confederate Calvary as the knights. The castles are the Stars and Stripes as well as the Stars and Bars. The pawns are the Union Drummers and Confederate Buglers.

The civil war chess games are equally good for both chess game lovers and history lovers. It brings the value of real history into a normal game. When the board is totally set, it looks like a real battle field. Every game gives the feeling of a new civil war, and regardless of actual history only the finest moves moves decide the outcomes.

Many dealers offer civil war chess sets in a variety of styles and sizes. Almost all sets contain highly detailed hand-painted statuettes, which provide brilliant artifact value of the many aspects of the US Civil War. Civil war chess sets are perfect gifts for collectors of commemorative items or reproduced relics.

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