Burn PSP Games – How to Start Burning Your PSP Games

Want to know how to burn your PSP games? To start burning your PSP games you will need to have a software tool that is able to take out the protection that's on your games.

You see, every PSP game that you've got is protected with a game protection code. And now it's obvious that you need to decode and decrypt that protection code, right? But, what software tool will do this for you?

Burn PSP Games With The Best Software Tool

There are many software tools out that that are claiming to be the best. But, only software tool can be the best and that's in my opinion Copy That Game.

Want to know why? Because this program will decrypt and decode the protection code that's on your PsP games on the most easiest way. Also, Copy That Game has a very fast copying process either.

How To Copy PSP Games With Copy That Game?

As I've said before. This software tool is the most easiest and most fast program that exists. I will tell you exactly how it works and you'll notice why I say that it is easy to use.

Once you've got this program, you basically have to do only 3 things in order to successfully copy, backup and burn your PSP games.

First of all you are in a need to start up Copy That Game. What you do then is that you load the original PsP game with this software tool, and you create a backup file from the original game. This backup file will appear as an ISO file.

Once the ISO file has been filled with the game files, you simply copy and paste them over to your burner. Or, you copy the ISO file over to a memory stick or an USB stick.

This is how easy Copy That Game works … Easy, right?

Source by David Di Rosa

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