Bridal Party Games

A bridal party or "shower" is a friendly gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of their wedding. This party takes place approximately six weeks before the big day. Believe it or not the tradition of bridal showers originated in the 1890's making it well over a hundred years old. Normally, the groom and their friends are not invited due to the on-going and sometimes embarrassing nature of the party itself. Lucky for you, most guys think this event is boring anyway.

The party usually consist of family and friends giving the future bride personal girly gifts consisting of make-up, perfume, jewelry, clothes, shoes, keepsakes etc …

Sometimes it can be hard to getting everyone together so having a close friend of the bride or family member to host the event makes it much easier. There are many great gifts, food displays, and live entertainment options that we look forward to sharing with you yet this post is dedicated to sharing a few of our favorite bridal party games.

Purse Raid
(do not forget to get a few door prizes)

Before the shower, make a list of standard items that you carry in your purse – credit cards, keys, lip gloss etc. Then add more random or risque things like condoms, toothpicks, or dog trees (make it fun!). Sometime after people arrive – or at a designated point in time, the host calls out the items on the list and the first guest to pull the object from their purse wins a door prize! This scavenger hunt type of game can be modified to your liking so have fun with it.

Toilet Paper Gown
This is a classic bridal shower game and all you need is toilet paper and tape! Divide your guests into small teams and select the future Bride or other guest to be the living model. The goal here is to have everyone working together to create a masterpiece wedding gown. Do not forget the veil, and accessories! This silly game gets everyone hilariously laughing. The guest of honor can select a winner based on creativity and participation. Can you imagine your 80 year old grandmother standing there in an outfit dress made of toilet paper? Hilarious!

Celebrity Hubby
Admit it, we all have our weaknesses for one celebrity or another … we're a huge fan of Bradley Cooper and Robert Downey Jr. We would not mind being married to those hunks! This game is simple and makes for fun conversation! Everyone writes down their dream celebrity husband's name on a slip of paper and then they all get tossed into a hat or bowl. The host (or another dedicated person) will then read each slip one by one and guess who chose who. You'd be surprised what celebs get chosen and by what.

Bridal Pictionary
The rules are based on pictionary! The best way to customize this for a bridal shower game is to have everyone write down wedding related terminology for each person to draw. All you need is paper, writing utensils and crafty words tossed into a hat! Examples of words could be, party, nose ring, banana, love, sparkle, chakras, coconut, raisin, and many more. Just try to think of adjectives – words that describe a noun vs. the noun itself.

He Said, She Said
Who said it? All you have to do is plan ahead! Craft a fun sheet listing a series of statements that refer to either the bride or the groom. The cards above allow you to circle the mustache if you think the groom said it, or the lips if you think the bride said it! We recommend setting these cards on the table with a drop box nearby. This way your guests can fill them out at their leisure and drop them in the box. This is a great conversation piece as well as a fun way to learn more about the happy couple!

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Bradley Cooper from The Richest

He Said, She Said from Etsy

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