Top 10 PC and Console Games for Realism

Realism is our friend. None of us can help loving a game that is so awesomely put together that is makes us feel and believe with every fiber in our bones that we are literally living it.
You can have all of the cool graphics and sound effects but if you can add light guns, swords and shields, dance mats and now even a peripheral called a PC Gaming Vest that offers you an entirely new experience in gaming where games like DOOM, Crysis and FEAR will allow you to FEEL the games impact from bullets, kicks, punches and other force feedback things. But what games are the most realistic?
# 10: It is no real surprise that a racing game would be on the list. I personally do not find them interesting but that does not discount the fact that they are realistic. Grand Turismo 4 is probably the most realistic of the racing games. The tracks and cities are to scale and the cars perform to industry standards including drag, speed and aftermarket upgrading.
# 9: The Sims may not look or sound real and that is painfully obvious, but what realism it does offer is in the psychology – in the sense that you are creating a person who interact with others on a personal basis.
# 8: I have to admit that Rock Band is a guilty pleasure. It is a wonderful game especially if you enjoy all kinds of music. You and your friends get together and jam the night away on the instruments provided. Point of fact is that the harder levels of the game is, according to the publisher, the same as playing the songs on real instruments.
# 7: Assassin's Creed is one of the best games on the market in my opinion. The people walking around the streets are rendered perfectly, fight scenes are seamless and accurate to physics and the landscapes are beautifully depicted.
# 6: FEAR is paranormal intrigue at its best. You are an agent ordered to rescue hosts but find, instead, poltergeists! The buildings are utterly realistic and the word perfectly to scale. The storyline is positively gripping.
# 5: Half-Life 2 was a game of the year nominee along with its predecessor. Aliens and disease spell a very yummy combination.
# 4: HALO is one of those game series that comes around once in a generation that gets so much world wide fame and notoriety and for good reason because it is great. An enriching storyline wrapped around an expansive world.
# 3: Clive Barker's Jericho, a surreal horror story, is a game that scares the pants off of you if you. Turn down the lights and just play it. The surreal backgrounds and vast landscapes coupled with eerie scenarios and music make this a game that rivals that of Silent Hill.
# 2: The Medal of Honor games are the choice of warfare players everywhere but none have captivated the realism like that of Medal of Honor: Airborne. It is a visually breathtaking game with actually inspired scenarios.
# 1: Call of Duty has long been one of the most realistic games ever made. Modern Warfare is the 4th installment of the game offering intense action in a modern world where you get to utilize current machines of war and where current politics play a part.

Source by Paul Bryan

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