Jam Big Game Animal's Ability to Smell

A lot of scent-altering products have been introduced to hunters over and over again. Some have claimed to be able to cover or eliminate scents or serve as attractants. With the wide variety of products, it gets quite difficult to choose what the most effective one for bow hunting is. There is, however, one product that stands out – the Nose Jammer.

It's not the same as scent-altering products; in other words, it is not an attractant or a cover scent. It is an olfactory overload system. It uses a compound called Vanillin, commonly found in foliage and trees, which jams big games' sense of smell. Even though Vanillin is found in trees, when it is not concentrated, it will not yield the same effect as the jammer. To put it simply, a concentrated level of Vanillin overloads a big game's sense of smell making them unable to smell or detect human scents; thus, making them easy targets in bow hunting. This is because when the game's brain processes too much odor sensory information, they shut off for a while eliminating their ability to smell other scents that startle them. To put it in another perspective, the process is the same with overly bright lights erasing a photographic image in the brain, but the jammer targets their sense of smell instead.

The Nose Jammer does not alarm games as well, because it consist of only natural ingredients. This means that the game will only smell natural compounds that they regularly smell in their natural habitat. This "smell" does not only overload big games' sense of smell, but it actually calms them down decreasing their startle-reflex.

To use the Nose Jammer in bow hunting, simply spray some on your boots and pants when stalking. As you get to your tree, spray it with the Nose Jammer as well. Next, spray around until a cloud-like form is produced. The big games will not be able to detect or smell you now regardless of where they are coming from.

Being invisible in bow hunting is crucial, but using attractants or cover scents is not the best choice. The Nose Jammer yields the best results in trying to become invisible to games, because when you smell like their natural environment, they will not have a clue that you're near getting ready for the kill. Not to mention that the Nose Jammer effectively calms them down, making it easier for you to aim for their kill-zone.

Source by Tim X Zheng

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