Classic Games – The Pros and Cons

Videogames have been around since I can remember walking, and since their creation many different kinds of videogames (and video game systems) have been made over the years. As the years pass by, technological advances come quick and quick, and the old classic games get forgotten. While many people to indeed just pass over old games and never bother playing them, I have learned to enjoy both old and new ones, and have actually found a very different (and very fun) gaming experience with older retro-games. Here are some of the Pros and Cons of older videogames.


To start, older video games are simpler and easier to play. The learning curve, if there's any at all, is very short and you'll be able to quickly jump into a new game without too much confusion. Classic Games also have great replay value, and a certain addictive quality to them that'll keep you entertained for hours. Affordability is also a huge advantage that retro games have- you can buy as many as 5 or 6 older videogames for the price of one single new game. Classic games, like classic movies and music has had a lot of time to matriculate and quite what you end up with is the cream of the crop.

The simple controls can also be a con, where the controls do not offer enough depth and control. Many people also say Classic games are too plain, lacing real story lines and a very obvious (and frankly, expected) flaw is that all will have poor graphics when compared to graphics of today. Overall retro games' pros are also their same cons. The derivative gameplay will start to show through after a short while and they can not usually be patched or upgraded with new DLC like today's games can be. Classic games are also limited in the amount of content they have because even an SNES cartridge can hold somewhere around a few dozen MB, a CD can hold upwards of 700 MB of data so that means a lot more data can go into newer games because they 're on DVDs which hold about 8000 MB of data!

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