Where To Buy Cheap Xbox 360 Games

The Xbox 360 has built up a pretty impressive list of games over the past few years. Finding these Xbox 360 games cheap can save you lots of money and allow you to build the Xbox 360 game collection of your dreams.

So, where the best place to purchase your games from? Well, there's no one answer to that question. Stores and dealers will always change their prices, but knowing where to look and what to expect will give you a step ahead of the rest.

Everyone knows you can find games at retail stores, such as Circuit City, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Etc. These are probably some of the most common stores that gamers purchase their games from. If you look out their sales ads in the paper you could possibly find good deals on some games, especially the new releases. While it may not be much of a discount, it is still some. Is this the best method? Probably Not, but it can be more convenient than ordering it online.

Games Xbox 360 games. The Xbox 360 console has been out for a while now and people are now selling their games to shops like GameStop. I often visit these stores and find great deals on used games. The prices on the newer games may still be a bit high, but the real value is finding the cheap, used games.

Amazon.com is a great source for finding Xbox 360 games. You can find low prices on new and used games.

My favorite games for Xbox 360 games is eBay. You can find almost any game you want, and more than likely it will end (the auction) at a price significantly lower than you can find elsewhere. I know I have saved hundreds of dollars over the year from buying my games there. Here's a tip when buying on eBay: Look for auctions that end on weekdays. The weekends are busier and more people will compete with your bids.

There are plenty of places to purchase your Xbox 360 games, but you are almost guaranteed to find the best deals on eBay.

Source by Joshua McNiel

The Heavy Metal Rhythm Game

There is no limit to entertainment in the games cosmos; the more you crave, the more you get. Thanks to the creative creators who utilize the best of their aptitudes to introduce something new, something innovative for the game lovers. Sometimes, it is the game character, or say the game hero, who carries the winning tag, carrying fame on its wings. One game character that is the 'talk of the town' with many awaiting 'his' arrival is the 'Roadie'.

Roadie, the animated but real life character is infused with real life action. It is entrusted with the task of saving the world. Destitute, it is only valor, determination, zeal, and gusto that form the base for Roadie to win; these are the hits that 'he' is endowed with to face the enemy. A little sluggish and there he will be chased by the enemy themselves and even the setting will turn hostile with walls becoming spiky and electrified. So, 'he' needs to be alert all the time and fight with the same valor. The creative creator has indeed come out with a solution – the winning mantra being imbued in the character via heavy metal music. The rocking, heavy and head-banging metal music will no doubt keep Roadie in action all the times at multiple stages. Roadie is definitely the world's last hope of saving it from throngs of enemy robots!

There is more than what is listed here about Roadie. This is a guitar based rhythm game. As you play the notes, with every note, you find yourself in a new stage with enemy robots and weird settings, all accompanied by loud, heavy metal head banging music. So there you go as Roadie to fight the enemies! The action packed thrill is designed to let you rock hard. Your iPhone or iPod has never rocked you this hard. As you come out the winner, you will no wonder feel electrified. Entering into another dip and more and more will be your criteria !!

Although the Roadie has not yet been launched, the craze that it has generated speaks volume about the game freaks waiting eagerly for its launch. The features of the game is endowed with are unsurpassed. Whether it is non-stop high speed action, electrified terrains, enemy robots, metal music, multiple stages of play, or rankings for performance, there is more that you can expect or even beyond what you can expect. Search for this game on the web; Perhaps you get a preview of the game itself or its soundtrack!

Source by Jane W Thompson

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Wii Game

The Bakugan Battle Brawlers license is still unknown in America but Battle Brawlers has fans on the other side of the Pacific. The game has nothing original: it is simply a anime depicting monsters battles, the famous Bakugans, which have already been declined in a range of toys and are now appearing on our Nintendo Wii. The background: One strange day cards began to fall from the sky and children around the world have found nothing better than to invent a brawler game. Specifically, the confrontation in question consists of first placing cards on the playing surface, then rolling your ball over the card, and when deployed, brings life to the famous Bakugans.

This Wii video game adaptation of the world of Bakugan offers unprecedented scenario at least as intense as the cartoon. You play a young player who is passionate about Bakugan fights but is totally ignorant on the subject. Fortunately for him, Dan, the hero of the animated series and incidentally the leader of Bakugan Fighters, will take under his wing to teach him the art of small strings. Good news never comes alone and your apprentice hero also fortunate to come across a particularly powerful Bakugan who literally falls from the sky. Instead of asking questions about the particular strange weather, your little protégé will serve as the newcomer, a person named Leonidas.

The adventure that awaits you essentially comes down to a succession of challenges that quickly end up being alike: first he put his “cards portals” and then launches one by one of your Bakugas on it. There is a clash when two creatures meet on the same card, then the strength of each of the bugs are compared, they were given bonuses linked to the card on which they are located and can also boost the sudden “card capabilities”. Each Bakugan is available in six different elements: water, earth, fire, wind, light and darkness. Partly based on this attribute, it will depend on the bonuses you can scrounge. Once a battle starts, you can still get some extra by completing the mini-game that is offered. Fighting in fact always give rise to one of the following three activities: you would either shake the Wii remote or target and then draw on the symbols that match your attribute, or you beat a game of rhythm very simplistic.

Your victories will help you improve your small fighters and acquiring new cards to the corner store, but again we would like to find a little more diversity (compared to Pokemon games available). Fortunately Bakugan Battle Brawlers also offers a multiplayer mode to challenge your friends but again the balance is not perfect and we must simply use decks predetermined and it is impossible to use the character that you develop in Adventure Mode. Finally, we would also like see an online story mode to compare players to other horizons. In conclusion, behind a friendly design and a concept that could be original, Bakugan Battle Brawlers on Nintendo Wii scores only 4/10 for me. The Wii game’s price tag has already became much cheaper since release on November 20th, you can save £10.00 on this game today. Similarly the game price has been reduced on other console formats too; perhaps even bigger saving will be made during the post Christmas sales.

Thankfully, there are much better RPG Wii games coming out and already in the charts this Christmas. This style video game is indeed hard to take off when applied to an Wii game and especially due to Pokemon’s loyal fans.

Source by Chip Searl

Benefits of 2D Animation

Since the 1990s, 3D animation has enjoyed an explosion in popularity. Nowadays, major motion pictures around the world use its techniques to create lifelike images that allow the viewer to feel as if they are part of the animated world being depicted on the screen. Despite the advantages and popularity of 3D animation, however, traditional animation in the form of 2D animation and elsewhere is still playing a central role in the world of animation. Since its advent in the early 1900s, it has provided a slew of benefits to animated projects. Following are just a few of the many advantages that 2D animation provides.


One benefit of 2D animation is the efficiency with which it can be produced. Animation by its very nature is never a simple process. As an art form, it requires a great deal of skill and creativity to produce objects, characters, and worlds that appeal to the target audiences and that accurately convey stories and messages. In addition, the numerous techniques and styles that have developed throughout the past century provide an array of tools from which the animator can choose.

However, while 2D animation demands as much skill as does 3D animation, it is generally faster to create simply because it does not require a third dimension. 2D animation companies do not need to create lifelike images the way that 3D animators do. Their cityscapes, for instance, do not need to consist of buildings with details that make them look like real buildings. This faster design can be beneficial to those who need a project completed in a timely manner.


A second benefit of 2D animation is the fact that its designs tend to be less complex than those provided by 3D animation. How beneficial a simpler design is depends upon the project. For instance, action films usually benefit from 3D animation because of the detailed action and complex images they use to draw the viewer in.

However, when the design needs to highlight the message, the services of a 2D animation studio are usually preferable. For instance, a clean design is often more effective in advertising, because it more clearly conveys the advertiser’s message to the viewer. Certain games, such as Candy Crush, also depend upon a simpler design to appeal to their audiences. Some television shows, such as South Park, have built their success on a 2D animated design. Even some educational applications or explainer videos require a design that will not distract the viewers from the message that the project is trying to convey.

Cost effectiveness

The efficiency and simplicity of 2D animation lead to greater cost effectiveness, another boon to people who want the benefits of animation but who cannot afford the sometime steep price tag that accompanies 3D animation. The fact that this type of animation takes less time and is less complex means that it can be accomplished with fewer resources, savings that often translate into a smaller price tag. In fact, many projects utilize 2D instead of 3D animation at least in part because it is more cost effective for tight budgets and small companies. Any provider of 2D animation should be able to work with your budget to create a project that meets not only your creative needs but also your financial constraints.

Artistic freedom

Each type of animation brings with it numerous creative possibilities. However, 3D animation must always appear lifelike and realistic, no matter what scene, objects, or people it is depicting. As a result, the fanciful and exaggerated generally do not translate well to the 3D screen, and styles such as anime are more difficult to create through the use of 3D tools.

2D animation, on the other hand, makes entirely new worlds possible. For instance, through traditional animation, the animator can create people, animated cartoons, and more that do not exist in real life. As a result, anyone needing an animated project can use 2D animation to more easily create images and worlds that would otherwise be very hard to film and/or create using 3D tools. This aspect of 2D animation also lends itself well to creating projects targeted to specific audiences. Not only can the animator use their imaginations to create characters and worlds that are not lifelike or realistic, but, by doing so, they can engage in character design and other practices that result in projects tailored to the sensibilities of specific audiences.

Because of the artistic freedom that 2D animation provides, this type of animation requires a high level of talent that makes the animator as skilled as anyone working on a 3D project. The animator must use their creativity and knowledge of the art form to develop characters and worlds that meet the needs of the project, instead of focusing simply on creating as lifelike images as possible. From concept design to character design to storyboards, they must utilize their expertise to create exactly the type of project being envisioned and the goals that are in place for the project.

Choosing 2D animation for your animated project does not mean that you are limiting your choices. Instead, its efficiency, simplicity, cost effectiveness, and the artistic freedom that allows the animator to bring your idea to life provide you with advantages that in many cases make it a better choice than 3D animation for successfully completing your animated project.

Source by Stephanie Delota

For The Retro Gamer!

As a gamer from the late 80's until now, I feel that people have forgotten the true essence and the relative concept to solid games / gameplay. Playing the older or original games from whence games we all know and love today allow much more appreciation for our current era of gaming. Many people are extremely strong critics of Nintendo. However, it is not the Wii U or the intricate graphics of their games that keep Nintendo afloat, it is family and fundamentals. They have various titles but, Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, etc, will always be around. Those characters and their corresponding games are as timeless as the systems we discarded them on.

The retro games also allowed for a much more dedicated and proficient gamer due to the fact there was no memory card or internal memory hard drive. Retro games are still going strong though. Revised copies of titles such as Madden, Metal Gear Solid, and Streetfighter are going as strong as the day they were released. For the retro gamer, it is not about achievements but, about solidified gameplay. Gamers from the 80's were easily able to identify the kind of gamer they would later be. Some went the path of the strategist or role player / action rpg with Final Fantasy, or the first person shooter with Duke Nukem and Doom; while others went with sports from Techmo Bowl to Madden. The two biggest genres of gaming which are booming nowdays is the FGC or Fighting Game Community, and the MOBA players or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. MMO's or Massive Multiplayer Online games are consistently maintaining an ever expansive population as well. The fact still remains, if it was not for our revolutionary games such as Streetfighter, Sword of Mana, Breath of Fire, Mortal Kombat there would not be a League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and the Marvel Vs. series.

No matter the route we choose to take, we must always acknowledge the origin or games. When you grow as a gamer you also find more to the mechanisms and stories of games you played from the past. The older games also allow you to apply the strategies and tactics to the newer titles or our time today. If possible, play an older title of a game that might interest you. You may find the original games to be much more challenging than you expect. Have fun and game on !!!

Source by Anton O Askins

The 25 Best SNES Games of All Time

A while back, GameDaily created a list of the best SNES games ever created. They titled this list, "Playing With Power: The 25 Best SNES Games of All Time". I went through the list to see what SNES games they had on there, what order they were in, and which games did not make their list. Obviously, these types of lists will vary greatly with the creator of the list. Here is my commentary on their list.

At one through five GameDaily had, Super Mario World, Super Metroid, The Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past, Chrono Trigger, and Super Castlevania IV. The first five on the list were pretty solid, although I'm not sure if Super Castlevania IV should be this high up on the list. I'm also surprised that there is not a Final Fantasy game in the top five.

At six through ten, there were Super Mario Kart, Street Fighter II Turbo, Final Fantasy III, Contra III: The Alien Wars, and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. This was also a pretty solid grouping. However, I would like to see FFIII higher up in the overall rankings. Also, I personally am not a big fan of Super Mario World 2, so not only would I not have it listed this highly, I might not even have it on this list.

Coming in the next batch at eleven through fifteen, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Donkey Kong Country, Super Punch-Out !!, Madden NFL '94, and Actraiser. This section was more clustered than the first two. I'm okay with Donkey Kong, Super Punch-Out, and Madden being up here, but I do not think Zombies Ate My Neighbors should be up this high. And, I've never really figured out where Actraiser fits well in the grand scheme of things.

In sixteen through twenty we have Pilotwings, Mario Paint, Demon's Crest, Super Star Wars, and Batman Returns. With the exception of Pilotwings, I did not play any of these games. I assume I would like Super Star Wars and Batman Returns just because of their characters and storyline. Mario Paint I could definitely do without and would not put on my personal top twenty-five list. Demon's Crest … meh.

And last in twenty-one through twenty-five we have Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time, StarFox, Blackthorne, and Prince of Persia. This group actually contains my favorite game of all time from that period, TMNT IV: Turtles In Time. I loved this game in the arcade and for the SNES. I consider it to be one of the best games from that era and it deservedly makes it into the list.

Overall, GameDaily did a great job at compiling and setting up this list. It is a difficult thing to do due to the opposing opinions that everyone will have about the subject. I think all twenty-five of these games are pretty good games. If you want to learn about each game in detail, you should go check out GameDaily's website. They have great information for old-school and new-school gamers.

Source by Samuel Van Der Wall

Video Game Testing – How to Get a Video Game Tester Job

Thinking About Getting A Video Game Tester Job?
There are some important things you need to know about video game tester jobs before you consider having one. A game tester works hard and the work is not easy, but you did not click the link of this article to get discouraged, but because you love games and want to make it your job, right?

If you're answer to this question is yes, then this line of work could be for you.

If you want to get ahead at game companies then becoming a game tester is a great way to do that. This job can give you the opportunity to get another job in the industry, like a game programmer or designer.

Testing games does not require you to go through a long education, but if you consider to upgrade that job you should study.

What is video game testing about?
I am sure you have heard of testing beta games or maybe you have even participated at one already. If you have not done it yet, I would really recommend that you do, because this will give you the opportunity to create a little understanding of what a game tester does every day.

The difference with beta testing and having an actual testing job for a game developer is that with beta testing games you do this from home in your own time where you often receive the full version of the game for free or reduced price, while a tester job often requires you to go to work every day.

Sometimes game tester jobs can be done at home, but usually only part-time.

Becoming a video game tester is not for everyone. For game developers it is more likely they will choose the ones with affinity for multiple consoles and operating systems, but this does not automatically mean they will choose people with less experience.

Sometimes it can be just about how good you are at finding errors. In the end, this is what beta testing is all about; find and report bugs in the game so they can be fixed.

What more do I need?
Make sure you are able to control your emotions, because sometimes the job can drain you of your patience. Imagine having to reboot the system over and over again, because a defect in the game is requiring the system to reboot.

If you do not love gaming, you will not last that long. Only your passion for games will make it absolutely worth your time.

Some advice before you start out: Make sure you are able to write with quality and a lot of detail. I can imagine that a lot of young people are very interested in this job, but if you can not deliver a good report and explain your findings, this job is not for you.

I have done a lot of research concerning video game tester jobs. Learn how to become a video game tester . Make sure you are prepared before applying for one.


Ramesh Klinkert

Source by Ramesh Klinkert