Why Do Babies Cry? A Basic Guide For New Moms

For new moms, a constantly crying baby is probably the most depressing thing that can happen. You just gave birth, brought a new life into this world, but now it's starting to seem that sometimes this world is a torture to your baby. Everything now looks different, and you suddenly understand that being a mom is actually more emotionally involving than you thought.

All babies cry, and we can all assume that it's their only way of communicating their needs to the world. Being an amateur in the moms' field, it is important to understand your own baby; when and why it makes and what it means. It's only then that you will know how to be a consensus to it by easing the discomfort.

Well, babies cry for different reasons because, just like us, they have different comfort zones in different situations. Hunger is the most basic and logical reason for a crying baby. Given that they can only feed on breast milk for the few months, it makes total sense if your baby gets hungry fast and wants to suckle after every 20 minutes. But hey, that's why you have breasts; to feed your baby. So let him feed. As his / her belly fills, it soothes his body and calms him down.

Another reason why most babies are constantly crying is discomfort. Maybe he is too hot or too cold. As a general rule, doctors recommend just one more layer of clothing than you. That should feel cozy enough to keep the baby calm. Check if the clothes are too tight. Remember, a baby's skin is not as tough as yours. So skinny jeans and other tight clothing are probably not the best options right now. Again, keep checking if the nappy is soiled. Babies have it easy. If they have to pee or poo, they just go ahead and drop the shell. They do not care if you judge them. As a mother, it's your duty to check if your baby's nappy is soiled and clean him up. The more you delay this checkup, the more you raise the chances of an infection on your baby.

Babies may also cry because they simply need a nap. Just like you, babies want to rest too, and they may not know how to fall sleep on their own. So they retaliate by crying because they want to be held and cuddled until they fall sleep. They just came from the womb, where everything was warm and calm. It's only natural that they need to continue feeling snuggled and secure. So hold him against you and let the rhythm of your heartbeat soothe him to sleep. Rock him gently and sing softly until he falls asleep. Nature has bound you to this duty. So do not fail your baby.

Finally, if your baby's cries sound more high-pitched, or if he continues to cry even after doing all these onuses, it may be a sign that something is wrong; a complex health issue sometimes. Visit a pediatrician as soon as possible and have him checked before it's too late.

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