Games To Play At A Baby Shower – Ten Fun, Easy Games Your Guests Will Love

After all the hard work of pregnancy, every new mother loves to relax and have fun at her baby shower. A few well-chosen baby shower games can add to the excitement and make sure everyone has a great time on an occasion she will want to remember forever.

Here are ten baby shower games for you to enjoy.

1. Pass the Parcel. This old favorite can be adapted to create one of the most popular baby shower games. Wrap a simple gift in eight to ten layers of tissue paper, then in gift wrap. All of the guests sit in a circle while lullabye music plays. The guest who is holding the parcel when the music stops gets to remove a single layer of wrap. As she does so, she tells a story about, sometimes, a silly thing she did as a baby, or a special bit of wisdom for the new mom. Keep passing the parcel until all the layers have been removed. The person who takes off the last layer is the winner and gets to keep the gift.

2. Down in One! Pass around a baby bottle filled with milk and see who can drink it most quickly, sucking on the bottle as a baby does. You may be surprised how difficult it can be.

3. A Letter for Baby. Choose a letter randomly by stabbing at a book with a pencil. Everyone has to write down a boy's name, a girl's name, a baby item and a nursery song beginning with that letter. Points go to those who come up with unique ideas.

4. Guess Who? Ask each guest to bring a picture of herself as a baby, then mix them all together and see if you can guess who is who. This is a great way to help everyone feel connected through baby shower games.

5. What do You Call It? Everybody sits in a circle. Start by naming an ordinary baby item. Each person in turn has to think of a different name, which might be used to refer to that item. The first person to be stumped is out of the game, and the next person has to name a new item.

6. Baby Bingo. See who can complete their score card first using lots of baby related words. Games like this, which are familiar to everyone, can be a great way to break the ice.

7. Dining with Baby. Put samples of different baby foods on a plate and see if your guests can guess what each one is supposedly to taste like.

8. Blindfolded Drawing. Blindfold each guest and give her a crayon and a sheet of paper, then ask them to draw a baby.

9. Collecting for Baby. You can use a piggy bank for this baby shower game or you can use a cardboard box with a slit cut in the top. Each guest has to deposit some money or a piece of helpful advice for your child to use as he or she grows up.

10. It's All Too Much! Everyone gets that feeling sooner or later, and in this most sympathetic of baby shower games each guest gets to experience something of what the mother is going through as they are asked to hold as many baby items as possible. Keep piling them up until one drops and see who can manage the most!

Games can get things going and help create a really special day for the proud new mother.

Source by Jamie Jefferson

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