Sample Cover Letter For High School Students

Many teenagers who pass high school look for part time or full time jobs for earning pocket money. A job can be an experience building stepping stone if you already know what type of career you would like to make in future. Nowadays there is huge number of jobs available for high school student. You just need to prepare an effective cover letter if you want to secure a decent job.

In this article I would like to provide a sample of a high school cover letter which would help high school students, particularly juniors and seniors who want to enter the work.

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone #
Your Email


Employer Name
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr. / Ms. Last Name,

I am responding to the employment opportunity listed on your website. Please accept this letter and accompaniment resume as evidence of my interest in applying for this job. I feel my qualifications and my skills would prove to be an asset for your organization.

I have recently passed high school from a well known school. Now, I am looking for an honored job that will add experience to my building career. Here are some of my key strengths that I would bring to the position. I am:

1. A self-starter.
2. Disciplined.
3. An excellent communicator.
4. Very willing and eager to learn new things.
5. Exceptional at customer service.
6. Great team worker.

Accepting challenges is the foundation of my life experiences and something I do with confidence. You will find me a wholly committed individual with pride in being direct, spontaneous and communicative. I can maintain records, perform numerical calculations with accuracy and I need little direction to complete assigned tasks. These are the qualities that make an excellent candidate for this post.

I was responsible for handling and organizing various important activities in my school. I have even participated in numerous cultural activities. I have working knowledge of MS Word, PowerPoint, MS Excel and Internet.

I would appreciate your consideration of my credentials. If you do think there is a shared interest, I would greet the chance to meet with you to hear more about your company, the requirements of the position, and how my skills would be a good fit.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Your Signature

Your Typed Name

I hope my article will help you in preparing a high-quality and eye-catching high school student cover letter.

Source by Amanda K Eaddy

0Xc0000076 Error in Windows 10

The 0xc0000076 error is caused by a lack of a "library" on Windows, typically Visual C ++, DirectX or similar.

The error shows when you are trying to run a "large" application such as a game or some sort of graphics application. It is caused because the application will require an element from the library, which is either not installed or not accessible on your system.

The error will typically show as "0xc0000076" or more commonly "0xc000007b" error, cited after the application tries to load.

The way to resolve this problem is to ensure that you have the appropriate library / dependencies required by the application to run. It should resolve 90% of the issues with the error.


The typical error message for the 0xc0000076 error is as follows:

The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000076)

The key to fixing this is to understand that every application on Windows requires a series of "libraries" or "dependencies" to help it run.

These libraries are stored on the hard drive as DLL files, applications such as DirectX and "redistributable" packages such as Visual C ++. Whilst Microsoft distributes most of the most popular libraries, there are a number provided by other companies too.

The bottom line of the 0xc0000076 error is that your system is unable to load the dependencies required to run the application.

Solution Steps

1. Reinstall Visual C ++

Visual C ++ is typically the culprit here. It is a collection of programs distributed by Microsoft to help enhance the functionality of Windows.

Unfortunately, like many things "Microsoft", they've overcomplicated it – making VC ++ a totally third party download and splitting up between different versions, each of which has to be downloaded in order to provide the required functionality.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that even if the VC ++ is installed, it becomes damaged or corrupt, preventing applications from reading it correctly.

The first step to fixing the 0xc0000076 error, therefore, is to ensure you've installed the latest versions of the required VC ++ redistributable packages …

  • In Windows 7, click on "Start"> "Control Panel"> "Add / Remove Programs"
  • In Windows 10, right-click on "Start" / "Windows" button> select "Programs and Features"
  • From the list that appears, select any versions of "Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable", and NOTE DOWN their year number (this is important)
  • After notifying the years, you should then right-click each of the lists and select "Uninstall"
  • After uninstalling them, restart your PC
  • After restart, you'll need to browse to Google and look for "Microsoft latest visual C ++ packages"
  • For each of the "years" that you noted down before, download the appropriate download and install.

A quick note on this topic – when you download each VC ++ package, you'll be asked whether you want the "x64" or "x86" version. This corresponds to the "architecture" of your system.

If you're not sure which version of Windows you have, you need to do the following:

  • Press "Windows" + "R" keys on your keyboard
  • In the "Run" dialogue, type "dxdiag" and press "Enter"
  • When DXDiag shows, look for the "Operating System" listing
  • Take note of whether it's 64-bit or 32-bit-64-bit is x64 and 32-bit is x86
  • From there, you should install the various VC ++ packages and then let it run.

2. Update DirectX

Next, you need to update DirectX.

DirectX is a core element of Windows which allows your system to run 3D graphics etc.

Unfortunately, due to many games etc putting their own versions of DirectX files onto your system, it is often the case that applications will show a large number of errors etc with it.

If this is the case, you'll want to install the "update" to DirectX which should replace any of the potentially damaged files it may have …

  • Click on "Google" and look for "DirectX Download" – click the first link
  • Click on the orange "Download" button
  • Click "No thanks and continue"
  • Save the file to your hard drive
  • Open the application and click through the process (make sure you do not accept the "Bing Bar" scamware)
  • Let it install the files required to update DirectX
  • Restart your PC

Once your PC has restored, you should proceed to the next step.

3. Reinstall.NET

.NET is similar to the above two dependencies, in that it provides a large number of features, files and settings required to get Windows working properly.

Unfortunately, like the others, it can become damaged or corrupted. If this is the case, you'll want to update it to the latest version, which can be done with the following:

  • In Windows 7, click on "Start"> select "Control Panel"> "Add / Remove Programs"
  • In Windows 10, right-click on "Start" / "Windows" button> select "Programs and Features"
  • From the dialogue that shows, click on "Turn Windows features on or off" – Uncheck ".NET 3.5" and ".NET 4.6.2" and then click "OK"
  • Let the uninstall process happen & restart your PC
  • After restart, you'll want to look on Google for ".net web installer"
  • Click the orange "Download" button and then proceed to install the package.

This will replace any of the.NET framework files which may be damaged or corrupted on the system. This will basically reset the majority of dependencies on your system which * could * be damaged.

Further to this, you'll also want to ensure any "registry" errors are cleaned out on your PC …

4. Clean Out Registry Errors

Registry errors are caused when the Windows "registry" becomes damaged or corrupted.

The registry is a central database which Windows uses to store all the settings and options your system requires to run.

This database is responsible for everything from your desktop wallpaper to user avatar. Unfortunately, it can become damaged or corrupted – preventing your PC from being able to read the settings it requires.

To fix this, you'll be best cleaning it out with a "registry cleaner":

  • Download a reliable registry cleaner tool (I only recommend CCleaner in 2018 which is available from "Piriform" – just Google "CCleaner Download")
  • Install the tool and load it up
  • Let it scan the registry of your system (other parts like Junk Files do not matter so much)
  • After the scan, clean / remove any of the problems it found
  • Restart your PC

This not only ensures you're able to fix any of the potential problems that your computer may have, but it also ensures that you're able to run the programs effectively.

5. Clean Out Malware & Reinstall Graphics Driver

If the above steps do not work, the next is to reinstall your system's graphics driver (yes, this is a valid cause of the error).

To do this, you'll want to download "DDU" (Display Driver Uninstaller) from Guru3D. This removes ** all ** of the graphics driver software that your system will have installed …

  • Click on the DDU download page: (you'll have to Google "DDU Download")
  • Save the file to your system
  • Restart your PC into "Safe Mode"

To do this, there are varying ways depending on which version of Windows you're running:

  • In Windows 7, click on "Start"> "Restart"
  • When your system restarts, press F8 repeatedly on the keyboard before anything starts to load
  • This will bring up the "Advanced Boot Options" menu from which you need to select "Safe Mode"
  • In Windows 10, click on "Start" / "Windows" button (bottom left corner)
  • Select the "Power" button – Holding SHIFT, press "Restart"
  • This will bring up the blue "Recovery Environment" screen.
  • From here, pick "Troubleshoot"> "Advanced Options"> "Startup Settings"> "Restart"
  • When the system reboots, it will load the "Advanced Boot Options" screen from which you'll be able to pick "Safe Mode" From here, you'll enter "Safe Mode".
  • You need to click onto the DDU application you downloaded and then let it run.
  • You'll want to pick "Clean and Restart (Recommended)".

This will completely remove the graphics driver, which * should * resolve any remaining occurrences of the error. Let the system restart into "normal" mode and then try loading the application again.

Once in "normal" mode, you'll have to get the graphics driver installed again. In Windows 10, this will typically be done automatically. The point is that if you have some custom driver, it may be causing some sort of conflicts, which will be resolved by completely removing it with DDU.

If the above does not work, you may have a defect issue within Windows.

Apart from using a more powerful error cleaner tool, you may benefit from seeking more specific advice. To do this, I would advocate either seeing a repair guy (who 'll have * exactly * the same recommendations as me), or asking online.

Source by Richard Peck

Insurable and Non-Insulative Risks

When we talk of insurance, we are referring to risks in all forms. Here, having for an insurance policy is just a way of sharing our risks with other people with similar risks.
However, while some risks can be insured (ie insurable risks), some can not be insured according to their nature (ie non-insurable risks).

Insurable Risks

Insufficient risks are the type of risks in which the insurer makes provision for or insures against because it is possible to collect, calculate and estimate the likely future losses. Insurable risks have previous statistics which are used as a basis for estimating the premium. It holds out the prospect of loss but not gain. The risks can be forecast and measured eg motor insurance, marine insurance, life insurance etc.

This type of risk is the one in which the chance of occurrence can be reduced, from the available information on the frequency of similar past occurrence. Examples of what an insurable risk is as explained:

Example 1: The probability (or chance) that a certain vehicle will be involved in an accident in year 2011 (out of the total vehicle insured that year 2011) can be determined from the number of vehicles that were involved in accidents in each of some previous years (out of the total vehicle insured years).

Example2: The probability (or chance) that a man (or woman) of a certain age will die in the ensuing year can be estimated by the fraction of people of that age that died in each of some previous years.

Non-insurable Risks

Non-insurable risks are type of risks which the insurer is not ready to insure against simply because the likely future losses can not be estimated and calculated. It holds the prospect of gain as well as loss. The risk can not be forecast and measured.

Example1: The chance that the demand for a commodity will fall next year due to a change in consumers' taste will be difficult to estimate as previous statistics needed for it may not be available.

Example 2: The chance that a present production technique will become obsolete or out-of-date by next year as a result of technological advancement.

Other examples of non-insurable risks are:

1. Acts of God: All risks involving natural disasters referred to as acts of God such as

a. Earthquake

b. War

c. Flood

It should be noted that any building, property or life insured but lost during an occurrence of any act of God (listed above) can not be compensated by an insurer. Also, this non-insurability is being extended to those in connection with radioactive contamination.

2. Gambling: You can not insure your chances of losing a gambling game.

3. Loss of profit through competition: You can not insure your chances of winning or losing in a competition.

4. Launching of new product: A manufacturer launching a new product can not insure the chances of acceptance of the new product since it has not been market-tested.

5. Loss incurred as a result of bad / inefficient management: The ability to successfully manage an organization depends on many factors and the profit / loss depends on the judicial utilization of these factors, one of which is efficient management capability. The expected loss in an organization as a result of inefficiency can not be insured.

6. Poor location of a business: A person situating a business in a poor location must know that the probability of its success is slim. Insuring such business is a sure way of duping an insurer.

7. Loss of profit as a result of fall in demand: The demand for any product varies with time and other factors. An insurer will never insure based on expected loss due to decrease in demand.

8. Speculation: This is the engagement in a venture offering the chance of considerable gain but the possibility of loss. A typical example is the action or practice of investing in stocks, property, etc., in the hope of profit from a rise or fall in market value but with the possibility of a loss. This can not be insured because it is considered as a non-insurable risk.

9. Opening of a new shop / office: The opening of a new shop is considered a non-insurable risk. You do not know what to expect in the operation of the new shop; it is ellogical for an insurer to accept in insuring a new shop for you.

10. Change in fashion: Fashion is a trend which can not be predicted. Any expected change in fashion can not be insured. A fashion house can not be insured because the components of the fashion house may become outdated at any point in time.

11. Motoring offsets: You can not obtain an insurance policy against expected fines for offsigned compliance while on wheels.

However, it should be noted that there is no clear distinction between insurable and non-insurable risks. Theoretically, an insurance company should be ready to insure anything if a sufficient high premium would be paid. Neverheless, the distinction is useful for practical purposes.

Source by David Mog

Online Gaming – 10 Tips On How To Keep Your Clan Active

Causes of inactiveness

"Know your enemy" as an old saying goes. If you want to use the right tool to counter inactiveness, you will first have to find out what causes the inactiveness and in which area. An example: if your clan members rarely visit your clan website and forums, countering this with organizing an internal ladder is not the best option: they will not read the announcement for it. Better it would be to contact a few randomly selected members on an instant chat program, ie MSN, ICQ and the like, and see what his or her personal interests are. With that knowledge, you will be able to group your clan members based on common interests. Thus starting a few forum topics which are related to their common interests typically cures the forum inactivity. Fact is: you will have to be creative to find the cause of an inactivity. Chances are slim a member will come to you with the message: "hi, you can cure myactivity by installing a blog for me." If it would only be so easy … 😉

10 tips to keep your clan active

This is probably the part of the text you are actually looking for. However, I would suggest reading this article as I can not guarantee the following 10 tips will work if you simply use them as misguided missles.

1. Host internal tournaments or ladders

Usually a never-ending, member-only ladder can be used as a preventive measure againstactivity. It keeps both the clan activity in-game and on-site – ie clan website – stable. This because members will play ladder games whenever they please, they will upload the result of the match as a recorded game, and they will comment on each others performances, strategies and the like.

2. Have weekly meetings with members

Many clan leaders underestimate the power of common conversation. Having a weekly or bi-weekly meeting with your clan members in a chatroom can do a lot of good to the morale – not to mention the sense of unity – amongst the participating members. Of course, you bought to invite your clan members on a voluntary basis. Try publishing the invitation for such a meeting on a place which your clan members visit often. Ie if they do not check forums often, use word-of-mouth instead: tell one member you organize a meeting, and he will spread the word to fellow clan members he encounters. Have such a meeting in a chatprogramme or a teamspeak program – I personally prefer teamspeak above a chat window with my clan members as it raises the "sense of communicating with another human being" rather than reading some text off a chat window from a complete stranger.

3. Have on-going topics in your forums, ie "forum games"

Having one or if you like, a few on-going topics in your clan forums usually causes both site visitors and clan members to return. Just Google for the words "forum games" and you should be finding yourself an ocean of examples. Just to pick one for the lazy ones out there: the never-ending story. One person posts a few lines of a made-up story, the next poster continues the story with his own few lines. This goes on and on. Not only this measure is considered fun by forum junkies and spammers – ie people who post awfully much – it also gets your clan members an opportunity to work together on something.

4. Have surveys and discussions

Not every clan leader is as talktive as your aunt is. For those who have no clue on how to start a conversation on a chat program with your fellow clan members, a survey can be the solution. You could use a survey or a poll to find out what your members like, dislike, adore, hate and the like. All you have to do is create the poll, and design the voting options. If you are not familiar with creating an effective poll, then I would suggest to keep it basic. Give your voters three options: black, gray and white. Black being the hate or disabling something, gray being neutral about the issue, and white being a fan or in agreement of the matter at hand respectively. With polls you can usually launch a discussion to sort out why someone voted on a certain option. This deepens out the poll and can get you valuable information as a clan leader on the likes and dislikes of your clan members. Just make sure the discussion does not go off-topic, though!

5. Encourage the creation of interesting articles

This one sounds harder than it looks like. What it basically comes to is that you reward the members who are active in the game the clan is involved in. Active clan members have their own playstyle: they have considerable knowledge of the game they play, they know strategies, tricks and the like. Why not design a system which rewards those members by sharing their knowledge with their fellow clan members. The reward can be a small token of appreciation – usually this already is enough. Its kind of hard to describe, so you will basically have to see for yourself. For Legio Romana , I have such modest award system in place. I combined the Guild Roster with it. A member gets a "medal" next to his name for forum posts, articles written and other in-game achievements depending on the game your clan caters to.

The rest of the article can be found on the Legio Romana Guild Website .

Source by Sonny Verdini

Game Review – Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

The North America release of Fire Pro Wrestling Returns was November the Thirteenth. That's a little over two years after the Japanese release. Having spent about two solid weeks with the game in my possession, I think I am able to give a non bias review. I am a long time fan of this series, but I can still recognize it's faults. How does Fire pro Wrestling Returns stack up against the more popular competition? Where to start …

There are no drastic changes to the core Fire Pro game play. It's the same solid grappling system long time fans have grown accustomed to. Those who are new to Fire Pro will need to spend some time getting used to the timing. The fighting system punishes button mashers. I would advise newbies to set COM difficulty to 1 and work their way up to a harder level. This is one of those games where appreciation is only gained after learning the ins and outs.

The series' trademark features are tight game play and a huge roster. FPR boasts a total of 327 real life competitors. To avoid copyright issues, everyone has been given a name modification. Vader is named "Saber", Kenta Kobashi is "Keiji Togashi", etc. Feel free to rename everyone accordingly. You also have the option of changing the attire for default characters. You do not have to sacrifice one of your 500 edit (CAW) slots when your favorite wrestler changes gimmicks.

FPR's all-star roster features wrestlers, boxers and mixed martial artists from around the world. Puroresu legends like Giant Baba, Satoru Sayama (original Tiger Mask) and Jushin "Thunder" Lyger are selecible. As always the default roster is dominated by Puro wrestlers. Some of the fighters well known to American wrestling / UFC fans include Bret Hart, Sting, Andre the Giant, Petey Williams, Mirco Cro Cop and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

A new addition to the series is a "corner to center" attack. When your opponent is knocked down in the middle of the ring, you can hunker down in the corner to set up a spear, super kick or a few other maneuvers. This adds a bit more drama and accuracy to matches that feature characters who set up these attacks a certain way. Because of this new feature, you can create an accurate Shawn Michaels or Bill Goldberg if you were inclined to do so.

A traditional steel cage match has finally been added. Players can use weapons like barbed wire bats, or the cage it's self to inflict pain upon others. Other match types include S-1 (boxing, punches only), Gruesome (a 12 sided UFC inspired cage) and the Electrified Barbed Wire Exploding Deathmatch. While the has Hell in a Cell, The Japanese hardcore wrestlers hurl each other on electrified boards covered in skin shredding barbed wired. It's different, but fun none the less

Buzz worthy features include Edit Edit, Belt Edit, and Ring / Logo Edit. There is a GM mode called "Match Maker", but is it very limited. All you do is set up matches between fighters and get graded by the percentage of crowd reaction of the match. There are strange special events that happen during match maker do very little to expand beyond it's limits. For some inconceivable reason, created wrestlers are barred from use in Match Maker.

Presentation is nothing special. Men are serviceable, but accessing some features can be a chore at times FPR's 2D graphics remind me of arcade games like Wrestlefest. Character sprites are not hi resolution, but they are large and detailed. Spike could have easily recycled graphics from Fire Pro Wrestling Z. They instead created new sprites and reanimated some pre existing moves. Some animations seem a bit robotic, but are pretty smooth.

I'm sad to say Spike has once again mapped the pick up weapons button to the run button. Want to get a fluorescent tube from the corner while playing in an exploding barbed wire match? Make sure you are close enough to said tubes. Otherwise you'll go running into the barbed wire ropes, so end up looking like a complete fool. It does not ruin the game or anything, but such a neglect of the R2 button has me dumbfounded. Overall that is one of my biggest gripes with FPR.

I do not give numeric scores or grades in my reviews. If I were the type to do that, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns would probably receive a 91. It's the best in the series, but like any other game it has flaws. Even so called classic games that get perfect scores from other reviewers have a few faults or glitches. I recommend this game to anyone who is into pro wrestling or the UFC. You do not have to be into Puro to like FPR, the unique game play and customization options are more than enough to peak ones interest.

Source by Chinh Vu

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The more I think of this racing the more I think the bucket could just …

The more I think of this racing the more I think Bungie could just put it to the game for starters, but nevertheless I've probably started to play more D2 again when these big changes start to roll out

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