Under the Sea Kids Party Games

The Under the Sea Kids Party is often lots of fun for the kids and the parents at the party. You'll need a couple of good games to keep everyone active and involved in the party.

The first game we recommend for the Under the Sea party is called, 'Observation'. Its kind of a quick game but its fun and you'll get trick your guests a little bit while you are at it. Have one of the adult or kid guests put on a variety of under the sea related clothes and accents. This must be done in a separate room so the other guests can not see what's going on! The clothes can be anything from a mermaid costume, to an eye patch, seashell necklace and captains hat. Then give them a tray filled with marine related items such as seashells, driftwood, etc.

Meanwhile the guests will be appointed and given pieces of paper and pens / pencils. You'll bring out the tray bearer and tell everyone to observe closely. Most people and kids will automatically assume that they are supposed to remember what's on the tray, but when you have the tray bearer leave you'll tell them that you'll be asking questions about the person holding the tray at the Under The Sea Party, not what's on the tray! The winner is the person who gets the most questions right.

The second game that fits the Under Sea party theme is a relay race called, 'Fish Pool Relay'. For this game you'll need to draw a chalk circle and make up three groups of 10 paper fish. Each group of ten should be a different color so you can assign teams and you can make the fish very simple oval shapes cut from construction paper. Also each team will need one paper fan.

Scatter the colored fish around the outside of the colored circle. Then have each of the three Under the Sea party teams line up equidistance from the circle and each other, say ten feet distance. Give the first person in each group a fan and at your 'go' have them run forward and try to fan as many of their assigned fish as they can into the circle. Each player has 15 seconds to fan then they must run back and give the paper fan to the next person in line. The winners are the group that manages to get all their colored fish fanned into the circle first.

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