Silly String – How Many Games Are There?

Just how many different fun games are there for silly string? Nobody knows. You can make up all sorts of games that you can enjoy. Below are some ideas for your next party.

* Healer Colors: There are two teams that are two separate colors. Each person on the team has a can of the color of their group. One person on each of those teams is selected to be the doctor. The doctors have a different color of silly string than everyone else. For example, the doctors have black and the players have other colors. When the game starts, everyone tries to get the other team out, including the doctors. However, you can only spray the doctors below the knees. Once a player is sprayed, they must sit down and the doctor must come and "heal" them by spraying black over their wound before they are admitted to play
again. Once the doctor gets out, there is no more healing. The last team (or part of team) standing, wins.

* The Magic Can: This game takes place outside, as should any game involving silly string. One person hides. He is it. There is one person selected among the others who is given a can of silly string. Everyone, but the person hiding, waits on a front porch or designated area and counts, "One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock rock!" and so on until they reach twelve o'clock. Then they yell "midnight" and start to run around the house. After they start running, the person who was hiding jumps out and tries to tag people by touching them. If they make it around the house and get back to the porch or other designated spot without being tagged, they are safe.The person who has the can of silly string can not be tagged, but can save others from getting tagged by spraying the person who is "it" before they get someone in their clutches. However, if someone does get tagged by the person who was hiding, they are 'it' with them, and the it / hiding team grows. Once everyone has either made it back or is in the "it" party, the hiding and counting begins again, and "midnight!" starts the next run around the house. The game ends when the person with the "magic can" is the only one left.

There are a few ideas for games at a party that are fun and different. Do not forget the silly string it's the most important part!

Source by Mary Setter

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