Mind Games Women Play With Men to Control Them – This is Something You Can not Afford to Miss

Why do you feel that women always have the right to choose majority of the times when it comes to the matter of dating a guy and even dumping him? You see when it comes to the matter of emotional battles women are way better than men. They know what to do and when to do it. This is the reason why a lot of men nowadays get dumped without even realizing where they went wrong. This is the reason why you must know this. Read on to discover what sort of games women play and how you can deal with it ……

They will try and make you jealous- This is a very common game a lot of women out there play and they actually try to do this to test your emotional strength. They would talk about other guys in front of you or even would talk to other guys in your presence. You see if you show a strong or any reaction to this she would feel that she mentally won and she would immediately lose all value for you because you fell into her trap. Never let these things get to you, if such a thing happen just get yourself busy with other things instead of concentrating on what she is doing. Make it seem as if you do not give a damn and she is not the only fish in the pond.

Playing too hard to get- This is another game a lot of women play out there. You see she might end up playing a bit too hard to get just to test and see how insecure you are about yourself and how bad do you want her. What happens in such cases is that the guy starts trying to impress the girl in all possible ways and the more you try to please her the harder she acts. In this case you must never respond to her and act cold emotionally. When you do not show much reaction she starts to think that it's not working on you and she starts trying too hard to get you now.

Source by Pushpa Pal Singh

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